Member Medication Review: Celexa

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  • Hi guys and gals!


    It is Tuesday so I thought we should resume our weekly medication review.  I hope there are people out there to participate. 


    The medication I hope to discuss today is Celexa (citalopram).


    Has anyone taken this medication or is anyone currently taking this for their depression?  I have some questions for you.


    1.  How long did you have to take Celexa before it "kicked in" and you could feel it making a difference?


    2.  Did you experience any side effects and what were they?


    3.  Did it help you?  And if so how?


    4.  If you stopped taking Celexa did you experience any withdrawal symptoms?  How long did they last?

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    Remember that everyone is different when it comes to whether or not a particular antidepressant will work for you.  But it does help to know how other people experience taking medication so we can get a general picture of what we might expect.


    Thank you to all who participate!  And we will soon be including supplements as well to our review.





Published On: December 22, 2009