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    Hey everyone!


    I haven't done a midweek muse feature in ages!  If you are new to this site...the midweek muse is where I select a theme and we share our creativity in exploring that theme. 


    Today's theme:   STARS


    as in stars in the sky. 


    So when was the last time you looked at the night sky?  When is the last time you looked at the moon and the stars?  I always feel a sense of awe and wonder when I look into a night sky.  I get a sense of my own smallness in the universe.  Sometimes it gives me a sense of perspective that life is so much more than what is inside my head. 

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    If you can...go look at the sky right now.  What do you see?  What do you feel?  Tell us about it in a comment, a poem, or even post an image. 


    Here is something I wrote after visiting a planetarium with my son some years ago.  Please excuse my lack of capital letters and proper punctuation.  This was a "stream of consciousness" writing. 


    Wish Upon a Star


    i went to see stars today.

    took my son to the planetarium. he has seen the star show like five times now but he still loves it. i do like it when the lights dim all the way down and the dome is filled with stars.

    i was thinking as i sat there reclining...and looking at all these points of light that there must be almost as many people as there are stars in the sky. (although scientifically there are far more stars...200-400 billion in our galaxy and only about 9 billion people). all of a sudden i felt quite small. so many people we never meet. so many people we only hear about in the news and known more as a number than a person. so many people praying all at once. yet mostly we come to think our voice is the only voice in the universe. our pleas...our cries seem the loudest because they echo endlessly from within.

    you begin to god (if you believe in god) answers prayers. is there a hierarchy? is there some sort of line? imagine all these billions of people praying at once...and you are just one of them. but you only hear your own voice.

    in the minutes that you take to read this post...someone is dying. and someone is being born. someone is praying and someone is cursing god. someone is experiencing love and someone is feeling the pain of loneliness. in these minutes someone is offering their care and someone else is taking hope away. who decides the prayers that get "answered" and at which moment will others get to experience sorrow and loss?

    the stars are lucky to be so distant and removed from the human condition. they have no need for anyone to pray for them.


    Wanted to let you guys know that I will be on-line from 3-5 Eastern Standard Time Thursday and Friday for a little holiday chat.  While we do not have "chat" capabilities I will start a post and we can all talk to one another through comments.  I know how hard this time of year can be and if you need a respite from the holiday chaos please come and join us.  I will be here with bells on!


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Published On: December 23, 2009