Depression & Holidays with Snowballing Stress & Responsibilities, Focus on Good

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    Hidey Ho there Neighbors!


    If anyone is about stop on by for a holiday chat session right here.  While we do not have official chat capabilities we have a comment section....we will just keep the conversation going.  If nobody is here I guess I will be talking to myself and that is no problem for me.  Smile


    I do hope you all are surviving the holidays.  I know how stressful and emotionally difficult they can be.  So if you need a respite from all the chaos or just need some support...I will be here for the next two hours just hanging out.


    I might as well ask my question of the week too...

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    What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the holidays?



    We got some virtual eggnog here and virtual christmas calories!


    So what's up?  Tell us all about it.

Published On: December 24, 2009