Depression Inspires Creativity

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  • Hi everybody!


    I totally forgot to do a Medication Review yesterday.  I do hope you forgive me.  I will make sure to do this next Tuesday.


    In the meantime the theme for today's Midweek Muse is:  Creativity



    Here is a quote to guide our discussion.


    "There is a theory that creativity arises when individuals are out of sync with their environment. To put it simply, people who fit in with their communities have insufficient motivation to risk their psyches in creating something truly new, while those who are out of sync are driven by the constant need to prove their worth. They have less to lose and more to gain."

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    Gary Taubes from the book, "Strange Brains and Genius:  The Secret Lives of Eccentric Scientists and Madmen."


    I think this is quite an intriguing theory.  It does seem that the movers and shakers of the world, whether they are scientists or in the creative arts...they are a little or a lot out of the norm.


    What do you think?


    Do you feel that your mood disorder gives you more incentive to be creative.  I absolutely find this to be true for myself. 


    Here is my stream of consiousness writing about creativity.


    When there is nothing I create.  The big black hole threatens to envelop me and in turn I distract its yearnings.  I build secret worlds to combat the pain.  I hide these cities from my persecutor.  Within the madness is refuge.  My art, my words, my last reach outward is an attempt to breathe.  If nothing else exists I will still create.  It is the one thing which cannot be taken from me.


    Now it is your turn.  How does your creativity come out?  Do you feel that creative expressions are a way for you to cope with your depression?  Do you feel there is any truth to the quote I have shared?  Do you feel that not fitting in is somehow an impetus to be creative?


    Share you thoughts with us.  They can be in the form of images, poetry, stories, streams of consciousness writing...anything you want.


    We love to hear from you.  Let it all out!





Published On: December 30, 2009