Dodging Depression: Surround Yourself With Behaviors That Make Depression Less Likely

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  • Hi y'all!


    Whatcha doing?  Watching parades perhaps? Did any of you ring in the New Year last night?  I must admit that I was asleep by that time.  I am not a big New Year's eve kinda person.  It is one of those holidays which I feel is over rated.  And not to mention if you are on the road you run the risk of being within proximity of a lot of drunk drivers.  I would much rather stay at home. 


    Here is my promise to you...I am not...I repeat...not going to mention the words "New Year's resolution."   Shhh!  Be vewy vewy quiet and maybe the resolution hunters will not find us here.

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    Don't get me wrong, I do believe in setting goals but I don't believe in forced resolutions just because it is a certain day of the year. 


    So let's just view today as a normal Friday and let me do my usual run down of questions.


    1.  On a scale of one to ten...rate this week in terms of your emotional well being...with one being the worst and ten being a "zippity-dooh-dah" kinda week. 


    2.  What has been the best and the worst parts of this week? 


    3.  What things have you done this week to help your mental health?  How have you been kind to yourself?  What steps have you taken to decrease your depression and maximize opportunities for peace and wellness?



    Merely Me's Dodging Depression Diary


    In the interest of being honest and accountable I am going to share my own weekly struggles with depression and what I do to dodge the beast.  As a kid about the only sport in gym class I was good at was dodgeball.  Sometimes I think of depression as the mean kid in gym class who loved to make you a human target.  After being bonked one too many times, I honed my skills of weaving and dodging the ball, causing my perpetrator to fume with fury.  Now that was a funny sight to watch. 


    So when your depression comes for you, dodge it! Be alert to when it is coming and get out of the way.


    One of the ways I dodge my depression is to replace "being a target of depression behaviors" with behaviors which make depression less likely.


    I am going to divide up my weekly reflections into Mind, Body and Spirit.  Feel free to join me in my endeavor.


    MIND (emotional and cognitive health):  I think I have done well this week to approach problems not in some panic but to break them down and complete initial steps to getting things resolved. 


    BODY (Physical wellness):  Can't say I am doing a good job with this.  I have actually been doing things like eating candy for breakfast.  But I did go to the gym once this week.  So that counts.  And I visited the eye doctor to get new glasses. This is probably my worst area this week but there is also much hope for improvement.


    SPIRIT (those things which nourish our soul like helping others, making friends, finding peace in nature, etc.)  In reaching out to others I am also allowing myself to be helped and guided in coping with my depression.  I am not yet listening to music.  I am in that state of mind where I want quiet so I am listening to that inner voice and respecting its wishes.  I am playing my keyboard though and loving it!  Making music, however poorly, definitely brings me joy.


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    Now your turn!  We want to hear from you.  And Happy New Year everybody!



Published On: January 01, 2010