I need your help!

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  • Hi everyone


    It seems the technical problems have not gone away and in reading some of the comments over the weekend I am getting a sense that you guys are becoming very frustrated.  I am frustrated too. 


    It seems when one uses the cut and paste feature like when I do all the time from Word...there is some weird code which causes it to look blank for some people using certain browsers. 


    What would help me right now is if any of you could tell me if you can see the following posts.  This would really help.  And if you are experiencing any technical issues can you write a comment here with the details. 

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:

    * Top Ten Positive things about ADHD


    *   Why Adderall and Alcohol do Not Mix


    *   New Hope for Women who Have Low Libido


    *   STDs and the Holidays


    * African Americans More Likely to Die from Melanoma than Caucasions 


    * New Study Pinpoints Factors in Skin Aging


    * Five Myths about Acne


    THANK YOU!!!!


    PS  I know you are all asking why am I posting a picture of a walrus with a bucket?  I would wonder too.  You see I am terribly frustrated right now and so this walrus and his bucket makes me smile and I really need something to smile about right now. By the way...the walrus is named Lolrus...get it?




Published On: January 04, 2010