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  • My younger son, who is developmentally disabled and autistic, told me yesterday that he has been feeling suicidal this whole week.  He told me this after we got home from his therapy appointment!  He told his therapist he was feeling down, but not that he was suicidal.  He's been off Abilify now for about six weeks, which was initially prescribed to help with aggressive and irritable feelings that were causing problems for him at a previous job.  Getting more than one or two-word answers out of him is like pulling teeth.  He isn't sure what started it, but said he isn't busy enough at work.  Then he told me about a supervisor (not his) that works in his area periodically and yesterday, when he asked her if he could help her with something, she told him, "No, you don't know anything."

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    My son was crushed, said he feels worthless and stupid.  I told him that it's not true and that it was very wrong for her to talk that way to him.  I'm also going to talk with his job coach and find out if something can be done about this.  This woman obviously hasn't had much training in diversity or sensitivity; I told my son that most people who act that way don't realize that they're hurting someone's feelings and they're just not thinking before they speak.


    So, now I will be worrying about him being alone at his apartment, but I am going to call his therapist, as well as the personal care agency that helps him to alert them of this.  He's due to see his psychiatrist in two weeks, don't know if I can get him in any sooner and won't be able to find out until Monday.  He knows I am going to do something about it, but so far it hasn't helped much.


    My son is 31 and I wonder who he will tell the next time it happens if my husband and I aren't here any more.  He'll barely talk to us, as it is.  Well, I guess we can only do what we can do and trust that someone else will be in his life when we're gone.  It will be out of our hands.  For now, we're feeling like we've gone back about ten years when he was going through this same thing.  I was hoping we were through with it, but I guess not.

Published On: May 08, 2010