Depression and Shame

Judy Health Guide
  • I recently read an interesting book - not new - called "Shame and Pride" by Donald Nathanson.  He talks about how shame colors so many of our emotions, in ways we'd never think of.  I know a lot of the issues I deal with are based in shame, but usually first surface as anger - a more powerful emotion than shame.  We all pretty much know that depression is believed to be caused by unacknowledged anger - but what's behind the anger?  I've found that it's often caused by feeling hurt which, in turn, causes me to feel shame because I see myself as not living up to someone else's expectations, or even my own.  Shame can feel unbearable and I think that's why it seems to be a natural inclination to mask it with something else, like anger or depression.

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    I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas on this and if you agree with the premise, how you handle the shame.  Do you usually recognize shame when it arises?  Do you know the origins of the shame you experience?

Published On: February 19, 2013