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APage, Editor

Editor at HealthCentral

“Supporting A Loved One With Mental Illness: A #HealthTipsChat with NAMI” Transcript

Thank you to everyone who participated in HealthCentral's recent

"Supporting a Loved One With Mental Illness #HealthTipsChat" with NAMI. Nearly 200 participated in an informative and engaging conversation that... Read moreChevron

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Jerry Kennard

Three Essential Mood Minerals

Iron: iron deficiency is the most common of the mineral deficiencies. Iron comes from green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, lentils and red meat. Lack of iron is associated with irritability, apathy, fatigue, poor... Read moreChevron

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Jerry Kennard

Recovery Through Positive Psychology

In the late 1990s a new branch of psychology, positive psychology, was developed. Its founder, Martin Seligman, continues to promote the use of scientific principles in order to study optimal functioning and wellbeing. Seligman is by no means the first person to advocate the more positive aspects of psychology but perhaps a combination of... Read moreChevron

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John McManamy

John McManamy, Health Guide

Author and Advocate

Is Your True Diagnosis Bipolar? Questions You Need to Be Asking

Think of this post as a coda to the piece I published a day or two ago, on whether or not your unipolar depression may be bipolar waiting to happen. The piece drew from Goodwin and Jamison’s 2007 "Manic-Depressive Illness," which identified a... Read moreChevron

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John McManamy

John McManamy, Health Guide

Author and Advocate

Is Your Unipolar Depression Really Bipolar Waiting to Happen?

In a recent post, I traced the history of our understanding of bipolar disorder. This has tremendous implications for those of you who suffer from unipolar depression. This is because back in the past, what we used to call manic-depression also... Read moreChevron

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