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Chato B Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Chato B Stewart of Mental Health Humor, Community Member

Mental Health Humor -

The Mystery of Depression- Has it been solved? Mental Health Humor Cartoon by Chato Stewart

Depression Solved

The Mystery of Depression- Has it been solved? Mental Health Humor Cartoon by Chato Stewart 


Depression sucks...The life out of life, but knowing where it came from, the reason so to... Read moreChevron

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Kristina Brooks

Kristina Brooks, Editor

Multimedia Journalist specializing in science reporting. Bachelor's degree in Animal Science and Communications and MA in Broadcast Journalism.

Gabe Howard Selected as HealthCentral’s First Mental Health Social Ambassador

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Jerry Kennard

Reactivating Your Life Following Depression

If you’ve been through an episode of depression, you’ll know only too well how much you’ve slowed down. This is a feature of depression, but in part it may also be due to the advice that loved ones, or professionals like me have offered. But once the clinical Read moreChevron

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ljmccay, Community Member


Depression at its worst



I have been living with depression for years. Personally, I think it is seasonal but have never been diagnosed as such. I am seeing a counselor weekly and trying to get the help I need. I want to get and be better.


For the last, almost, 2 weeks my boyfriend has fallen back into a minor depressive... Read moreChevron

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