Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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Don't trust psychs anymore

After i lost my first long-term psych Dr to no fault of my own, and in my distress he actually said he wasnt going to see me anymore, I lost it on the phone, because he knew how bad a shape I was in with my ocd/anxiety and still chose to end it. ┬áTo make a long story... Read moreChevron

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Jack Huber

Jack Huber, Editor

Freelance Writer

How to Cope with 20 Common Signs of Depression

Depression is a serious affliction. The persistent sense of sadness or loss of interest that defines major depression can lead to a range of emotional and physical conditions. This article in no way seeks to minimize the characteristics of depression, or to put a “happy face” on the condition. It’s simply... Read moreChevron

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Jerry Kennard

New Hope For Treatment-Resistant Severe Depression


For those with mild to moderate depression, a standard treatment of psychotherapy combined with antidepressant medication is enough to start... Read moreChevron

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