Monday, December 05, 2016
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I will try and be brief….as possible….

I have battled depression ALL of my life!!!! (now 49…) Been on EVERY anti depressant under the sun…(I have Chronic Depression) been to 21 different mental health…”so-called professionals”…who did nothing but charge me mega $$$$$$ and use their... Read moreChevron

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I have had many traumas in my life.  Recently my antidepressant pooped out. and I am stuck on Valium because I woke up shaking and heart pounding.  My pcp upped my valium and my psych tried a medicine that literally almost killed me.  I had to stop it.  I am seeing a therapist, but can hardly make it.  I sit in a chair all day and getting... Read moreChevron

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Mike Veny

Mike Veny, Health Guide

Mike Veny is America’s leading mental health speaker.

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