Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Jerry Kennard

Jerry Kennard, Health Pro

Chartered Psychologist

Seasonal Depression

It’s December as I write and we’re a few days off the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. Those of us living in the northern hemisphere, are typically experiencing short drab days and long dark nights.


I once visited Tromso in Norway during November. Tromso is a charming place, somewhat curiously... Read moreChevron

Jerry Kennard

Jerry Kennard, Health Pro

Chartered Psychologist

The Meaning of Happiness

What makes people happy? There are no one-size fits all answers to that particular question but there are clues. If, for example, we look into the habits of happy people we tend to see rather similar things and some may surprise you. People who consistently care for others, or volunteer to help out on a regular basis, appear happier and less... Read moreChevron


jpw2008, Community Member

living with it since childhood

alone Lonliness


I started to read an article on here about men and depression

I guess I was meant to be alone

Maybe even Institutionalized

I dont know

I've just went thru six months of hell with skin problems

Literally getting under my skin

I hate going outside because of it

Jon... Read moreChevron

Jerry Kennard

Jerry Kennard, Health Pro

Chartered Psychologist

Laughing Gas Used to Treat Depression

There are at least two problems with antidepressant medication. The first is they can take between six to eight weeks before any therapeutic effect is felt and the second is around a third of people who take antidepressants feel no therapeutic effect whatsoever. For someone who is deeply depressed and possibly suicidal waiting up to six weeks... Read moreChevron

President D.K.X. of the U.S.A.

President D.K.X. of the U.S.A., Community Member

sorry if i double post my internet is laggy

Poem Pt. III (never able to share) by jenny. Rewritten by request.

Poem Pt. III (never able to share)
so what do I do?

I've waited and hoped,
that I will see you soon.

It is you that has kept me..alive
because I've loved you
so very much

wondering if i were meant to die.

Many years have passed, that I... Read moreChevron

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