Saturday, January 31, 2015
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Jerry Kennard

Overchoice, No Choice and Taking Back Control

At some point in my near history I stopped going to big supermarkets. These days I generally visit smaller places where I can dip in and out. It’s quicker, I feel less ‘managed’ and crucially I don’t have the agony of choice that comes with supermarket shopping. On that note, I’ve just been looking at a consumer... Read moreChevron

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Kyle, Community Member


Been Years Now

And still suffering with no end in sight. Where to go from here? Not a damn clue. My psychiatrist is an idiot and therapy doesn't work. I'm just waiting to die at this point. I'm 24 now and have had depression for 10+ years. I've probably eaten thousands of these damn worthless pills. I have an incurable mental disease and that just breaks my... Read moreChevron

Jerry Kennard

Rebranding Depression: what does it mean, how can it help?

Looking back over the past year or so it’s interesting to note the renewed interest in infection, and particularly inflammation, as a possible cause of depression. Recently, for example, some of the popular press has been spotlighting allergies. There’s no particular evidence to prove that allergies cause depression but there is an... Read moreChevron


Marishka, Community Member


tired of things again

Most stressful right now having to ask my father to pay the naturopathic doctor when he keeps taking it away, leaving me having PTSD wondering.


Just emailed and told him I am not going to discuss anything until I am feeling better, pay the doctor for six months so I don't have to feel PTSD and worried each time he decides... Read moreChevron

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