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Depression is a serious condition that can have serious consequences if left untreated. However, it is possible to manage depression with medications and therapy. The first step towards recovery is finding a doctor or therapist who can help you. Reaching out to a professional is important and so is finding the right person for you. A vast array of resources and help centers are available to help you overcome depression.

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Many of us who live with and/or suffer from depression have sought the services of a mental health professional or therapist to ease the pain of depression.  Sometimes you hit the therapist jack-pot and find someone who not only suits your personality but is also effective at helping you to reach your therapeutic goals.  But then other times you…

Find a Doctor or Therapist
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Judy, Health Guide, answered Looking for phone-based counseling… Hi, Sarah. I'm wondering if some of this person's depression could be due to…


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Judy, Health Guide, answered Im 13 and my mom made me break up with… Cidney, I can understand how you feel. You imagine yourself being with…


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Judy, Health Guide, answered How can I get out of severe depression? Maybe it's time to see a mental health professional.  When you are badly…


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Jerry Kennard, Health Pro, commented on Confronting Depression for the First… I wonder what changes you've seen since the 70s, Donna. I started training…




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