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Talking to Your Partner

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It is crucial in a healthy, lasting relationship to explain to your significant other the details of your depression, such as whether it is situational or clinical, vulnerable seasons or times of day, and any other known triggers. Let your partner in the relationship know that you are taking active steps towards addressing your depression and ways that they may be able to help towards your lifestyle changes and recovery.

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If you are supporting someone with mild to moderate depression it can be a tough time as you watch them retreat into themselves. It can make you feel as though you have been pushed to one side, surplus to requirements or even totally rejected.   The social dynamics between people don’t stop because one of you is depressed. The fact you have…

Talking to Your Partner
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Judy, Health Guide, answered Is this depression talking? Hi, Bay. If you've read any of the other questions here, you'll know you are not alone! …


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