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A significant portion of people, both children and adults, with ADHD also have depression. It can be difficult to diagnose depression in someone with ADHD and decide which condition came first, but regardless, medications and therapy exist to treat both. More recent studies indicate that the two conditions are separate and should therefore both be treated independently.

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So here's a snapshot of me doing chores on a Saturday morning. I'm working at my computer in the living room and remember that I wanted to put the sheets from my husband's and my bed in the wash. I head down to our room and notice on the way that my son hasn't made his bed. I head back to the living room and tell him he needs to make his bed.…

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Merely Me, Health Guide, commented on ADHD & Depression: Hyperfocus &… Hey Judy!   I am very interested too and I can't wait to see how they…




Merely Me, Health Guide, commented on ADHD & Depression: Statistics of… Thanks Stephen!   I really appreciate how you have shared your…




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