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Anxiety, which is marked by excessive worry and fear, and depression are closely linked. Depression and anxiety share many of the same symptoms like insomnia and debilitating fatigue. More than 60% of people with General Anxiety Disorder also suffer from depression. Like with depression, therapy is highly recommended for anxiety disorders.

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Hi everybody!   This week on the Midweek Muse the theme is:  ANXIETY   Can anyone relate to this theme?  I know I can!  Deborah Gray just wrote about anxiety in her post today.  And I just started writing for the anxiety site.  You can read my first ever post, "Writing about Anxiety: A Personal Perspective."   So please do come on…

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Judy, Health Guide, answered How can I quell my anxiety and… Hi, Timroyal. I'm sorry you're feeling like this. It sounds like you might be…


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Judy, Health Guide, answered He says "I have nothing to offer." … Is this guy getting any therapy at all? You can't "fix" him - he has to do…


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Judy, Health Guide, answered Embarressed 20 something can't stop… Hi, Amster. You probably want to cry because you're crying so much! …


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Judy, Health Guide, commented on I've Never Been Close to Anyone Hi, Jaqueline. I think I understand how you're feeling. What I'm thinking might help…




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