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  • Ashley c January 26, 2011
    Ashley c
    January 26, 2011

    I was precribed adderol back in november of 2009. I have drug screens once a month, the past 3 months 3 drugscreens have tested positive for meth. I have not touched meth, so the only thing I believe that could have possibly failed me for meth is my adderol. I just got out of jail 2day after a wk of being locked up for just that failing for meth when I dont do it. Howis it that my med adderol showed up for meth. I was almost sent to prison just by being honest and holding my ground when arguing that meth has not been in body to have failed for that. Please believe me when I say I have not touched it. why is this happening and is there any link i can get to informing that it does indeeed show up as meth b/c no lawauthority believes me, they think im not being honest with myslf when i know for fact im i am

  • griffis July 25, 2012
    July 25, 2012

    until recently, i was on local probation for a minor misdemnor charge. during a routine visit with my probation officer, i submitted a drug test. shortly thereafter, i was arressted for violating my probation by testing positive for meth. i convinced the supervisor to contact my physician and pharmacist who verified that i was prescribed adderrall and that this prescription medication demonstrated the exact same chemical marker's as the illegal substance methamphetamine. only then was i released from handcuffs, the charges dropped and allowed to walk out the door of that probation office cleared of any wrongdoing. as a precaution against future misunderstandings, i now wear a medical alert bracelet which identifies me as being a legitimate adderrall patient and that standard drug screening will misidentify me as a user of the schedule 1 narcotic methamphetamine which is chemically indistingishible from the legal prescription medication known as adderrall. protect yourself! had i not been familiar with the supervisor on duty at the probation office, i would have never been able to contact those individual's responsible for my heathcare. otherwise, i would have been transported to the local jail, my probation revoked, and i would have been sentenced to additional time for violating the term's of my orignal probation. to avoid additional problems and the possibility of unwarrented drug charges, be proactive and protect yourself


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