• Struggling Struggling
    November 12, 2008
    Hearing voices how to stop
    Struggling Struggling
    November 12, 2008

    I was a heavy meth user and stopped for 1 year. I continued to hear voices although I was on several different medications. In the past 6 mo. I have used meth weekly but not daily. Part of the reason is the addiction and part is the fact I can't get rid of the voices. I am still on abilify and it keeps the voices friendly. I am currently looking for a job without much success. I am bright but have no motivation. Taking drugs is no longer a party, I don't even enjoy it but I'm driven. I'm tired of AA and rehab. I have been clean for several weeks and plan on continuing. I want to feel good about myself and I want my family to trust me. I have hurt them greatly. I live with my grandparents and my they are very aware. They want to support me but continually try to keep a balance between support and enabling. It is a struggle for them also. I am on 20mg. of abilify. Is there any help.

    Thanks for your time and input


    A struggling addict who always hears voices.



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  • Struggling April 06, 2010
    April 06, 2010


    My granddaughter was a heavy meth user and continues to hear voices. She is rehab again. She was clean 9 mo. then in residential 41/2 months used again for 4 days and now is back in rehab at a residential treatment center. She lacks motivation, wants a different life but wants to get rid of the voices more than anything. She too is on abilify 40mg. Her voices are friendly, she is a Christian and loves the Lord. She is 25 . Any one out there that has found something to get rid of the voices? 

  • Andrew Bano April 04, 2010
    Andrew Bano
    April 04, 2010

    Hey brother,


    My name is Andrew Bano and live in Saratoga, California. I was a meth user and have been sober for 2 years. The voices came on during the use of meth. I deal with it 24/7. I believe in God, the son and the holy spirit. I  believe and know that they can be caused by human form. You are a target. I believe the ultimate or bottom line is they are from Hell or demonic. Whether human  or spiritual they attack 24/7. I read scripture daily. King James bible. There you will find hope and salvation. If I can ask of one thing is to read Psalms and proverbs daily. In these scriptures you will start to read and understand what the bible is referring to when voices are mentioned. After reading you will find several scriptures referring to the voices and what there intent it for your life. It is to destroy, tear you down, create chaos and confusion. My voices continually decieve me and lie. You are chosen brother and I will pray for you. Please email me back at rickbano@yahoo.com so you can tell me what the voices say. They might be friendly. My voices are fromt he pit of hell and there only goal is to cause disruption in my life. My phone number is 530.363.8835. You can call me anytime. As you can see it is 3:00 in the morning and I was conveniently interrupted by these pinheads. I would appreciate your input on this matter it is of great importance.

    • brunetta loca
      July 10, 2012
      brunetta loca
      July 10, 2012

      i also started hearing voices about a year and a half ago. it all started when my daughter wespas taken from me. i dont have them telling me to kill ppl but they mock my thoughts and especially when i pray. please help i dont think i need counseling due to the fact that i wish to remain anonymous. please help me becausevin all of this i have lost my faith in god. 

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  • Slimmm00 December 26, 2012
    December 26, 2012

    hello my name is Shirley i have been hearing voices for 3 yrs now i have been on haldol, seoquel, respidol and few others..my memory has been effected and this suddleny happened over night one day i wasnt hearing voices and then i woke up and boom i started hearing voices. My phychiastrist told me that i was not shz... because i didnt start hearing the voices while i was in my twentys and that all i had was auditory hallutions but in my mind in the beginning it was awful the voices was telling me that i had telepathy with a fling i had.... to just god stuff and devil stuff visiual things to. I hear that geodon stops voices and abilify can to and zypreza but i seen that most people have had a mixture of these drugs. So i will be trying it out myself although i stopped taking all meds that i was on haldol respidol seoquel etc... and cut down my drink i sometimes dont hear voices at all so i believe i have a good chance to stop them completely with a coctail of one or more of the drugs i mentioned abilify geodon and zypreza here because i lack motivation and still suffer from depression because i still hear voices alittle bit.


    Good luck its has been living hell but time can heal everything with the proper care also try eegs(long word to spell ) but  its  electrodes that help figure out whats going on with your brain nerves... look it up and of course the CT scan...make sure you also do blood work this will help ur doc better know ur liver enzymes and it can help with prescribing meds best for you. All meds have side effects but as long as you read them and get scared and dont try them u never know if that was the right drug for you.


    take care..will follow up

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