• skh1970 skh1970
    July 28, 2011
    Is Chantix The Same As Wellbutrin?
    skh1970 skh1970
    July 28, 2011
    someone told me that chantix is a more concentrated version of welbutrin. is this true? READ MORE


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  • countyofficer July 29, 2011
    July 29, 2011

    They are two totally different drugs.


    Chantix is available by prescription only. It is different from other products on the market because it works to specifically stop nicotine addiction in the brain. Like other products, though, counseling or some form of support is recommended in addition to taking this medication. Any drug regardless of how good it is will produce some withdrawal symptoms and this is where support from friends, family and co-workers comes in. find a support group before you start taking the drug and watch out for any side effects.


    Wellbutrin is a prescription medication licensed for several uses, including treating depression, treating seasonal affective disorder, and helping with smoking cessation. However, not all forms of the medicine are approved for smoking cessation.



    Note on Wellbutrin


    Replacement Therapies Are Not So Effective

    There have been replacement therapies accessible for many years along with the prescription drug bupropion, sold under the brand of Wellbutrin and originally marketed as an anti-depressant. After showing positive benefits to help people stop smoking it was remarketed under the name of Zyban as a quit-smoking drug. While many are interested about this stop smoking drug there is no assurance that it will help everyone.

  • marine60.jh December 26, 2015
    December 26, 2015
    Big. Pharma proably doesn't want us to know the truth. Wellbutrin has been around for fairly long time and works on the brain like chantix I am no expert but do your do diligence READ MORE
  • didevplath April 03, 2016
    April 03, 2016
    All i know is.... chantix works!! some of the side affects sucked but they won't kill you, the smoking will! My daughter was on welbutrin when she was younger for depression, so my brain couldnt wrap around it READ MORE
  • littlebee October 02, 2012
    October 02, 2012

    can you take paxil and chantix together and get a good outcome


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