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Monday, November 01, 2010 just call me crazy, Community Member, asks

Q: how d i know if I'm crazy?

I feel like I'm totally losing my mind! Through out the past 10 years my life has gone from one extreme to another..I keep repeating the very same mistakes after another. Money Jobs and relationships. I have 2 boys aged 13 and 9 they have been through all of it with me. I have tried several antidepressants then went to a bipolar med. The seroquel took the edge off nicely but sedated me! My behavior never changed though, i was only able to "deal" with it. Now I'm taking nothing and feel absolutely CRAZY! I CAN NOT determine if my feelings are VALID or if its just one of my frequent mood swings or pits of depression. I'm paranoid also!
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Merely Me, Health Guide
11/ 3/10 6:19pm

Hi there


I am sorry you are going through this.  Can you tell us more about the feelings you are associating with "going crazy."  Have you been diagnosed with a mood disorder?  Do you have Bipolar Disorder?  For some people...a mood disorder can make one feel very helpless as though the mind is going in a direction all on its own.  But we really don't know what exactly you are going through. 


What thoughts or feelings are making you feel this way? 


This is absolutely something you do want to discuss with your doctor.  Do you also have a therapist you can talk to?  Are you thinking that medication could help?  You don't have to suffer...there is help.


Let us know more if you can.

just call me crazy, Community Member
11/ 3/10 9:18pm

Going crazy is just how I feel most days.. mainly because I feel way overwhelmed with "life". I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I took Seroquel for over a year and felt like a zombie. I completely took my self off of it one day and YES I know how dangerous that is..I itched like crazy for a month and haven't had sleep since then. That was in May. I have also lost 25 pounds..weight I gained on the medication! I truly feel all of theses medications are poison. I'm so against Doctors right now. I'm waiting something different I want to be healed not medicated. I have had "night terrors" since I was young and the medications make them worse!! Plus how can you function sleeping 13-17 hours a day?!?

My body hurts my mind wont stop running all over the place...I'm wore out! Whatever it is its affected my life as I know it.

Merely Me, Health Guide
11/ 3/10 9:28pm

Hi again


I know...there seems to be a price to pay with a lot of the meds as far as side effects.  I would urge you to look for some combination which will work without all the terrible side effects. You will have to assess your risks of not taking meds with...taking them and make that decision.


Have you visited our Bipolar site yet?  I am sure a lot of folk there are dealing with the same issues.  Wouldn't hurt to see what some of the people there have to say.


Keep on writing here...if it helps you.  Sometimes it can help just to talk about it with people who understand. 


We are listening.

just call me crazy, Community Member
11/ 4/10 8:50am

Thank you and I will..Yes I know talking about it to people who understand would be awesome...I think one of the problems I have had is talking about SO many different things that go on in my head/life with numerous people, they think "she's nuts" or "crazy" or "out of control" or "shes got to be on something" or one of my favorites that a cousin of mine said to me in a conversation of me defending my self as "YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR SELF, YOU HAVE ISSUES" . I'm so tired. Cry 

kechu2, Community Member
3/30/12 9:31pm


Im just like u, what u are describing its how i feel i struggle so much, i do the same dam things but i have found out that if i just keep to myself all problems go away mostly i try not to have any social contact because its a fucking problem people judges you and in your face are really mean to you. I feel like im a fuck up im very ashamed but life keeps going and I just keep on trying to live and make it even if my environment does not help for shit. Ive have been bipolar since I was in 3rd grade and it has always been hell since. Just try to make it, even if u are a fuck up just work and try to get better that all u can hope in life. Im from Puerto Rico so please forgive any misspelled words english is not my first language. 

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