• sandy sandy
    January 16, 2009
    Feeling disconnected from self
    sandy sandy
    January 16, 2009

    I have been going thru anxiety and depression right now.  I know they both can go hand in hand and some days it seems like I am battling the anxiety more and other days the depression more.  I just feel so disconnected from myself. Does any one else have this feeling or had it before?  It feels like I don't even know who I was before this started.  Will I get to the point where I feel like myself again.  I think this is the scariest part for me. 



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  • Missy80 January 23, 2009
    January 23, 2009

    Hi Sandy,


    Yes, absolutely! I've been going through a lot of depression and anxiety for the past three months. I have good days and terrible days, and throughout most of it, I also feel very disconnected from myself. I sometimes feel like I'm outside of myself, or something. When I hear myself speak I think, "Is that my voice?" I remember having this before, but it has been constant for the past few months. I saw my psychologist the other day and she seemed puzzled when I reported this disconnected feeling, even though I know for a fact that other people suffer from it. It's so disheartening when a professional of this sort doesn't understand you!


    But yes, I guess what I'm saying is that it is real, it is part of depression and it does go away. Are you taking any medications right now? I've been on Effexor for awhile but I don't think it's working so my doctor is switching me to Paxil as of today.

  • GBB000 January 17, 2009
    January 17, 2009

    If you're feeling like you could shatter into a million pieces, then yes.  I have been having that feeling all day today - and for no reason I can put my finger on.  What I do know is that (at least from my experience) it passes.  Contact and support of friends and family does help, but only to a certain extent.  Hang in there...it will pass for you too.  Know that.  Believe that.

    You are not alone in this.


  • lesweet1 September 24, 2014
    September 24, 2014
    Hi Sandy- same story here. I was having depression & anxiety and am currently being treated by a psychiatrist. Trying to find the right med combo. I'm having more better days than not. But this disconnected feeling is almost like a third issue in addition to the anxiety and depression. I am familiar w/the feelings of depression & anxiety but the disconnected feeling is new. I've had it briefly in the past but not recurrent like it has been for me in the past months. It's not 24/7 but when I get it, it lingers. I asked my psych abt it and she basically said its part of depression and anxiety but it will go away. Like today, I'm not necc depressed or anxioys, just feel distant and weird. Like I'm a stranger in my own familiar world. I hate it. But I've bern assured it's normal and will go away. You're def not alone. I'm a 43 y/o female. Sometimes I wonder how much hormones/peru menopause are playing a role in this. I think some ppl call it brain fog but to me, brain fog is more like forgetful or spacy. This is more like I feel weird, like remnants of a bad drug trip but I've never done drugs lol. If you guys are intersted, I'm part of a regular, active and intelligent forum called healingwell dot com (not sure if they'd let me spell out the link). Anyway, great forums in there in depression and anxiety. Sending you the best! Lisa READ MORE
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