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Monday, December 15, 2008 penny, Community Member, asks

Q: what are the side effects of combining celexa with alcohol?

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Answers (2)
Merely Me, Health Guide
12/15/08 3:30pm

Hey Penny


Been researching your question and before you take one sip of alcohol you gotta read some of the precautions they give but also see what people say about mixing this drug and ain't pretty.


First of all...there is an article I found on eMEDTV which discusses the possible effects of drinking and taking celexa and here is what they have to say:  "The concern is that the antidepressant will increase the effects of alcohol -- whether this means increasing symptoms of depression or affecting motor skills."


So basically you will get drunk faster and drinking will negate the very reason you are taking celexa in the first place.


And secondly here are some of the horror stories from people who have gone drinking and who are on celexa including blacking out, liver problems, craving alcohol more, and feelings of paranoia and anxiety the next day. 


Read all those comments and you will find that most people think it is a huge mistake to drink and take celexa. 


Hope this helps some.


Thank you for your question.

JoJoD, Community Member
3/24/12 2:33am
I am 26 and taking 20mg of celexa daily after catching my fiancé cheating on me with an obese Asian shortly before our wedding. I just spoke to my pharmacist about having an adult beverage or two and he said as long as I am taking my celexa in the morning and drinking LIGHTLY at night, one or two should be totally fine. I have since had a mixed vodka drink and am sipping a glass of wine before bed, I feel pleasantly buzzed and snuggly. Just be smart people. Talk to your doc/pharmacist. Only drink around people that are SAFE. And for heavens sake, DON'T DRIVE!! Best wishes, and I pray whatever caused you to turn to the celexa in the first place be healed. Xox Reply
Amy, Community Member
1/ 2/09 10:00am

I saw your post and I must warn you based upon my experience. I have been on Celexa for 8 months. It works very well. I have had a few drinks and have been fine expect on night. I drink way too much and became very mean and aggressive. Needless to say I do not have much memory of that night but I found myself in jail for assault. I am not an aggressive person. I began taking Celexa after my father past away and I become very depressed. My father and I have never got along and loosing him unexpectedly sent me into a deep depression.


My advice to you is that one or two drinks is ok but no more cause you never know what will happen. Good Luck!

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