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Thursday, January 01, 2009 jenny18, Community Member, asks

Q: I have no friends and no life, what should i do?

I use to have friends when i was younger in primary and jr school, but as i got older we grew apart because of different interests, and also because i was not allowed to participate in many activities at that age. Now I find myself "20" and alone in this world, i do have some family but no real friends and i feel as though i have no life and no one to go talk to and get support and advice when i need it. When I have issues and problems I do talk to some family members but at times i do not feel that close to them, and I have to keep alot of my feelings inside because of that. I hate feeling this way,and i am not sure what to do, please help!!!

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Answers (6)
psychoward1, Community Member
1/ 1/09 4:11am

There should be some local activities that you can join in on. Find something you enjoy and do it with others. Sometimes you have to mtake that first step.


Happy New Year,



towongfoo, Community Member
1/ 1/09 2:18pm

maybe keeping your feelings inside is part of the problem..  If I was you, I would let it out.  Just because you asusme you are not close, doesnt mean you should not express yourself.

Dx, Community Member
1/ 1/09 4:24pm

im nearly 17 i go too 6thform and have 1 main friend but i can tell she isnt really bothered about our friendship. life is boring and i feel depressed knowning that everyone else my age is having fun being young, but me. :(

janice, Community Member
4/24/10 12:52am

Dont feel to alone because im going through the same thing, ever since i was younger ive always only had a handful of friends and now that im 20 i have one! and she doesnt call me or bother with me anymore because i have a boyfriend and he doesnt like me hanging around other guys and thats all she does, so im forced to hangout with him and his friends. I feel so alone sometimes and i feel like i have no life. I just wish i had friends that understood me and wanted to hangout with me it really sucks!

shirley, Community Member
1/17/09 10:19pm

you don't say if you feel able to join in with activities now. I know it can be very difficult to take that first step. most times when you join a group or a class, everyone is in the same boat.

I am a good bit older than you but for one reason or another, found myself in a very similar situation to the one you are in now. I used to be very confident and outgoing but then found myself very isolated and alone. I didn't feel able to join things, going out made me very anxious.. it still does a bit. I got to the stage where I made myself physically ill worrying about how to get out there into the world.

It might sound strange but I have started to find a social life by joining a social networking site (in my case facebook seemed the safest)  I got back in touch with a few people who were friends a long time ago and we now occasionally meet up for coffee, a chat and a bit of a giggle. It's still difficult sometimes. I have a strict agreement with one of my rediscovered friends that no matter how difficult it is or how anxious we feel, she and I will meet up at least once a month. I won't say it has transformed my life but it has definitely brought a bit of sunshine in. I wish you the best of luck. It is difficult but when you get the first step out of the way, it really does get easier

xShaun, Community Member
6/25/09 4:28pm



It might be a lot harder than it sounds but you have to go out and make some friends. It's the only real way. I am 18, and currently won't go out because of my depression. My friendships are strained, and can safely say I'm left with one now. I also have a family who sometimes feel rather distant, and can definitely say you need to express your feelings, or it'll build up inside you and will come out all in one big burst.


I know exactly how you feel, I'm currently getting some form of help from Psychiatrists etc. But if you are starting to question the worth of your life, you really need to go see your GP about it. I don't know you personally, but there will be someone out there who would really value your friendship, you just need to break the boundaries of your home and be yourself =)


Hope I helped,



jade3sweet, Community Member
12/29/09 10:27pm

well my name is Jade and I am 17 years old. I was born in california but now i have lived in arizona since 2005. Before I ask the question, i am going to talk about me 4 a minute. All my life I have tried to impress everyone I meet. I either try to impress them, or I get shy and look stupid. I love to talk, but it seems that everytime I start talking to someone, they dont want to talk to me any more. I dont know if I'm boring or just plain weird. It's been hard for me because I WANT TO HAVE FRIENDS, and its not fair that I don't. My family says that I'm mean and have an attitude all the time. But its because I cant stand them. I mean I love them, but I just wish that i had the sort of family that loved eachother through thick and thin... and always happy. I want my family to be perfect, but thats impossible. I'm not blaming my situation on my family though... I have a brother who always goes out and has a lot of friends. I want to be that way. I dont even have to have a lot of friends, I just want three girlfriends where we all become bestfriends and go out all the time with eachother everywhere.. (if that makes sense). But my question is, how can I become more social and not come off as fake, How can I stay positive all the time, I want friends... thats all I ask for.  

Emily, Community Member
5/15/12 8:47am

hi my name is emily. I havent got many friends and it's starting to get to me. I really am starting to hate my life, everybody says that i am a hippy but i'm just me. All i want in life is to have a friend or maybe 2 if thats not to much to ask and maybe an ice cream , i like ice cream, strawberry is my favourite flavour with sprinkles and a cherry or a flake. Anyway back to my sad dpressing life which i hate may i add that i dont even think my own dog likes me and my 3 cats but thats ok i just stay in my room and cry to my teddy who is my only friend. But i have even walked in on that trying to climb out the window. please help me im a lost cause. i have no one, I have even tried talking to FRANK and even them have diverted my call to a mental institution. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?! p.s im addicted to smack, sex and i love selling my body COME GET ME AND GET 10% DISCOUNT ON MY USED KNICKERS OR THONG IF YOU PREFER

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