• Danny Danny
    May 03, 2010
    I have no money and lost my insurance,, I was on Effexor and can't afford to buy it
    Danny Danny
    May 03, 2010

    I was on effexor 300mg once daily,,,, I lost my job and have no health insurance,,,Im having horable anxiety and am having trouble dealing with anything at this time.. Im in such depression,,,,what can I do,,,I need to get out of this,,I just sold my house and moved to Las Vegas and need to find a job,,, I can't function like this.





  • Judy
    Health Guide
    May 03, 2010
    Health Guide
    May 03, 2010

    Danny, I'm sorry that things are so difficult for you right now.  Did you just recently stop the Effexor?  The withdrawal from that can be quite unpleasant unless you do it very slowly.


    Here is a sharepost written by Merely Me on how to get mental health treatment when you don't have insurance or the money.  I hope you can find something useful there.  If you think you might need a crisis line number to call, I can get you that, as well.


    Thanks for reaching out here and please feel free to write again at any time.  This is a good place to come for support.  I wish you all the best.


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