• Lucy Lucy
    April 06, 2012
    I'm sad and I feel like crying all the time
    Lucy Lucy
    April 06, 2012

    I'm a 15 year old girl. I have friends and all that.. Only one that I spend my timee with, when I'm not in school. They're not like me. I'm kind of alternative. You know.. I like the Sex Pistols, and bands like that. I wear different clothes. And I don't mind that! I don't mind that at all. I like being different.. But I would also like to have some friends that are like me, and some that doesn't look like the regular teens nowadays. And I always find myself thinking about what I would like to have in my life, or that I would have loved to be born in the late 50's, so I could experience all the music, that changed the music industry.  

    I'm not sleeping to well at the moment, and lately I've felt like crying all the time. And right now, I am. I don't know why. And I just want to be happy, and not sad. I feel like everytime I say something to my family they get angry, and I feel like everyone is turning at me... I don't know what to do, please help me



  • Judy
    Health Guide
    April 06, 2012
    Health Guide
    April 06, 2012

    Hi, Lucy.  I'm sorry you're feeling so sad right now.  Do you have a school counselor you could talk to?  Have you had a physical examination lately?  Some of what you're feeling might be some normal mood fluctuations that are common during adolescence, but there are a number of medical conditions that can cause hormones to get out of balance and cause depression.  If a doctor couldn't find any medical reasons for you to feel this way, he/she could recommend a psychologist.  Perhaps you need someone objective to talk to.  A school counselor could probably also refer you to a psychologist.


    We all want to feel like we belong somewhere, but I think that's even more the case when we're teenagers, yet we want our independence.  It's always a struggle, getting the balance just right.  Some people believe that teenagers and parents being at odds is a way of starting the separation process so, while it doesn't feel very good, it serves its purpose.  But, that being said, you shouldn't have to feel like crying all the time, so I hope you will reach out to someone.  You might feel like your parents would be critical of you for wanting to talk to someone, but if you can be honest with them about how you feel, chances are they would want to do anything they could to help you.  I have two grown sons who started being depressed at 12 years old and I was glad to get help for them because I didn't know what to do - I wasn't a professional.


    I wish you all the best and hope you'll let us know how you're doing and if there is anything else we can do to help.


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