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Sunday, November 17, 2013 mai, Community Member, asks

Q: How do you stop the thoughts and hurt feelings? Its hard everyday because all I do is think what did I do wrong, why can't I be happy, am I really that bad of a person?

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Jerry Kennard, Health Pro
11/18/13 6:11am

Hi there, and thanks for your question.


You do sound very sad and upset, but if it's a crumb of comfort at this stage let me tell you that what you are experiencing is the nature of depression and this is something that will pass. No - you aren't bad, and no, the fates really haven't ganged up on you even though it may feel as if they have. Depression is a disease and as flu manifests itself through shivers, muscle pains and raised temperatures, depression comes out some of the ways you are describing.


How can we help? Tell us why you are feeling this way. Have the feelings and thoughts come on without any cause that you can see? Sometimes it happens this way but sometimes we can pin things down to circumstances, or events, or a build up of stress.


You've reached out to a supportive community and we want to help. Keep talking.




mai, Community Member
11/18/13 6:54am

I have been cheated on lied to and yes some was my fault I was with this man for 7years I finally got the courage to move out and its been down hill since then, got diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety can't go back to Dr cuz I have no money I work full time and have two kids that I leave every weekend because my job consist of staying over night I feel as if I can't do any good anymore I feel that all my relationships have failed due to something I did, I try and exercise like Dr said but that makes me think even more I want my life back like I did before when I was happy I Always think people are looking at me And making fun of how I look I don't go anywhere I stay xouped up afraid people Are starring I'm just so overwhelmed with money and little food I just don't kn what to do anymore. I just want to be happy again

Judy, Community Member
11/18/13 9:55pm

I'm so sorry you are feeling this way.  When we're depressed, it doesn't take much to get us to feel like we're circling the drain, so to speak.  Do you live in the U.S.?  If you do, you could try contacting your county's social services department to see if there is any help you could qualify for.  There are mental health clinics that charge on a sliding scale basis, which might work for you.  You are trying to do the best you can, it sounds like to me, but having a tough time of it.  As Jerry said, you're not bad and you didn't do anything to deserve what's happened to you, but depression makes you feel like it's all your fault. I have felt the way you're feeling now but it has gotten much better over time.  Let us know how we can help further. 

mai, Community Member
11/18/13 11:09pm

Ok thank you I will try and contact them in the morning and yes I live in the US I have found a friend to talk to but they really don't understand they just listen.

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