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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 leslie, Community Member, asks

Q: does zoloft xanax wellbutrin show up in a job drug test

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Dr. Diana Walcutt, Health Guide
9/17/08 9:18pm

Hi Leslie:

My short answer is that Zoloft and Wellbutrin shouldn't show up on any drug test, and shouldn't be a concern if they did. Drug tests look for specific drugs that people take to self medicate, such as marijuana, cocaine (and its metabolites), opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines.

Unfortunately, Xanax is a benzodiazepine. If you have a prescription for it, you may want to tell them and show them a copy of your prescription before your drug test.

If you are concerned about the test, talk with your physician about your concerns and he may help you consider alternative treatments that won't pop on these tests.


I hope this helps,

Dr. Diana Walcutt


*Dr. Walcutt is a Psychologist, not a Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists prescribe medications. Psychologists study them, but most Psychologists are not authorized to prescribe meds or give you specific advice about them. Dr. Walcutt's answers are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental disorder. Any information given in a post about medication is for educational purposes only, and primarily to aid you in having an informed discussion with your own Psychiatrist/Physician.

cyberinfo, Community Member
9/18/08 9:19am

Xanax shows up as a benzodiazepam


Zoloft & Wellbutrin are NOT tested for.


Allow 9-11 days for Xanax to get out of your system

before a urinalysis.

FalseInfoFinder, Community Member
9/27/10 1:52pm

Xanax shows up as a benzodiazepam Zoloft & Wellbutrin are NOT tested for. Allow 9-11 days for Xanax to get out of your system before a urinalysis.



...Look for false answers like this, if they do not spell important words right, they do not know what they are talking about. It is not benzodiazepam, it is benzodiazepine!

ggsangelwings, Community Member
9/18/08 9:53am

...if that is the kind of thing they are testing for; I believe if an employer has probable causethey can "drug" test you for anything; whether it is for illegal substance or perscription; some people do abuses perscription drugs...

ggsangelwings, Community Member
9/18/08 10:21am

...also, Xanax is a medication that is more physically addictive than mentally; you "cannot just stop" this medication; you and your physician must decide how to ween your body off of it.

Jerry, Community Member
9/18/08 12:53pm


a.vargas, Community Member
9/18/08 11:45pm



Teri Robert, Health Guide
9/21/08 4:54pm



The main purpose of drug screenings for employemnt is to detect illicit drugs, not medicaitons that have been prescribed for you. When you take the test, they should ask you what medications you're taking. Be honest with the. Take your prescription bottles with you. As long as you disclose what you're taking, you shouldn't have a problem.


Good luck,


pegasus52, Community Member
9/22/08 2:45am


grannykim50, Community Member
9/22/08 6:55pm

I believe xanax shows up but I'm not aware of anti-depressants showing up

william, Community Member
9/23/08 4:47pm


ginny, Community Member
11/25/08 2:57pm

Please do not show anyone your prescriptions, as others have suggested, when you go for a drug screening. It is no one's business except yours and your doctor's. If the initial drug screen comes back with a false positive, you will be contacted by a medical doctor who will then ask you about prescriptions or other medications you are taking. This is important, this is your right to privacy, and only a licensed doctor can ask you about your medical history. If you are taking a medication that can produce false positives, a second test, which is much more sensitive and very accurate, will pinpoint the exact drug metabolites in your urine, and you will be cleared. But if you are taking a prescription  drug that was not prescribed to you (they will call your pharmacist to verify), then you may still fail for that reason (depends on your employer).

chris, Community Member
4/ 6/09 3:56pm

well i found your question while wondering if welbutrin has any cross possitives in a drug test

and from what other people say is no

the xanax on the other hand is a benzo diazepine so it will show up


the standard 4 drug screen wich is what most people get test for substances:

amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and THC

the tester has the option of cirlcing additional substances like benzos, pcp, alcohol, methaqualone (ludes) and propanol

these additional tests cost more money to test for so the tester wont circle these unless they have a reasonable suspicion that you are taking these additional substances


now this is true for washington at least

im not sure if other states do different tests

but xanax should be fine on a drug screen

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