• chloe87 chloe87
    October 23, 2008
    is it safe to take valium and xanax xr simultaneously? exact elaborated details inside, help!!!
    chloe87 chloe87
    October 23, 2008

    I am 21 and have been treated with medication since i turned 14. I've gone through far too many than I am comfortable with. The majority of my problems were depresion related, but now that i am older i see life in a different light, but now experience far more anxiety than i can appropriately and comfortable cope with.


    My doctor last year, prescribed me 5MG of valium to take twice a day. I ended up having to take them at one time, and i told him this and he said it was all right. I do not take valium on a regular basis, only as-needed. Valium is wonderful for panic attacks that i can't seem to get under wraps on my own fighting- Perhaps not the best idea, but i wait until i have become sick and dizzy with my heart pounding before taking valium. i try to avoid taking medicine unless i feel I absolutely need it. Valium works very well for short term attacks, but i find that 15mg is what really works with me to fully help.


    This year, my doctor replaced valium with 1mg 2x a day of xanax xr. the original cause was two times a day, but i am honstly only taking it as needed (my doctor is aware of this). Xanax xr seems to mellow me throght the day, and I feel better in general, but i still am left with a partial manicy feeling that valium was able to dull very much, but xanax xr works throughout the day.


    i told my nurse what was going on and she said she would write me a prescription for both, but the dpctpr said no. i don't take either of any kind on a regular basis but to fully conquer anxiety i have found that both work in different ways in that i need. I do not like to take medication and completely avoid taking what i do not need.


    my doctor has been in some trouble and am concerned that he won't prescribe both because he's been legally in trouble by doing such things before. if the combination of these drugs in possible, i do not want to be punished for my doctor's mistakes in other states and for people who DO abuse it.


    i am female, 90lbs and 5'2. i also take lithium abd wellbutrin but am also having extreme doubts on how well lithium works anymore, actually. I've never really heard of medicine just stop working, but it seems to do absolutey nothing. And no, i NEVER stop anything cold-turkey.


    one more notice, my mother does this but i don't believe and am against it: She thinks medicine solves everything. Medicine can get you on track, but it won't fix what you can't overcome on your own, it can only open windows for a different perspective.


    I really need some advice. i plan on switching doctors. I was diagnosed as being bipolar years ago. i have taken Zyprexa which worked great in 2003 by itself but it seems to dull my thinking when combined with others, plus although I already do not weigh much, the weight gain rate is disturbing. Seroquel helped very much but somehow gave me great pain in my arms - my doctor blew me off on that; and i can't find any research to support it. Everytime i woul stop taking Seroqurel, the pain in my arms and shoulders would subside.


    The majority of the depression in my life is because of things getting to me that i have trouble coping with (family and house problems) and the anxiety is almost a constant. I am more anxious than depressive nowadays. i do NOT experience high mania moods. i never have. i don't EVER compulsively spend money, either - I go to great lengths to plan what i want to buy before making purchases, and make sure i want the items.But I do love researcing products online and shopping and helping others find deals.


    i know that when i can figure things in my life out more and work on myself internally, i will do much better. But as of right now, there are times when i need to drastically calm down and valium and xanax are very supportive for the different typs of anxiety feelings.


    Is valium and xanax xr safe?



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  • J
    March 13, 2009
    March 13, 2009

    I can relate in more ways than one. I've been prescribed Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Depakote, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Effexor & Trazadone (not all at once) for my bouts with anxiety and depression. To answer your question I would not recommend taking both Xanax and Valium simultaneously without consulting your physician and receiving approval. A second opinion wouldn't hurt but an emergency room physician once told me it would be like "pissing in the wind".


    Valium and Xanax are both benzodiazepines (usually prescribed as PRN or "as needed") and as such treat symptoms in a similar fashion. Xanax XR has a shorter half life but reacts quicker while Valium has a longer half life yet the onset of its effect is slower (at least from what my Doc has told me). Prolonged use of Benzodiazepines can lead to a lever of tolerance where the effect isn't as potent as it once was if present at all. If you have been taking benzo's for an extended period of time it is possible your tolerance level is high which may necessitate a higher dosage. However, benzo's can lead to addiction which is the last thing a sufferer of depression and / or anxiety needs. Suffice it to say they are safe when used correctly and for short term assistance ... At least that's what this layman believes.


    Both of the aforementioned medications treat the symptoms and not the problem. I found that although my appetite increased exponentially with Zyprexa it enabled me to manage my anxiety and depression effectively. Unfortunately this medication is not listed on my insurance company's formulary so I was forced to discontinue use. I would have purchased the medication out-of-pocket but its price is exorbitant due to a withstanding pharmaceutical patent precluding any generic brand release.


    My advice to you would be to consult a psychiatrist since issues such as these are their area of expertise. If you have concerns about medications or general questions ask them as their knowledge regarding such matters is far greater than a general practitioner or family medicine MD.


  • afracturedskull November 16, 2013
    November 16, 2013

    A:-) your nurses right to say no tosuch requests (if u remember anything i tell you here, set aside one time a month or more where u and ur doc can talkcabout ur panic disorder). Nurses write things that zombify youand kil your liver, its all theyre goood at.plus, calling and asking for schedule 4 scripts without an appt is seen as med seeking eventho i believeu benefit from them. Urnurse will tell uthatbutguess what buddy, all uneed is a compassionate dr and be honest abouthow acute sharp and quick these attacks happen. It helps to goin and say im tired of being treated like a med seeker so  want to sign a paincontract ( it goes well with any narcotic because it keepscu from diverting or abusing meds(dont internalize that, nothing personal its the deas favorite phrase. Last thing, switch drs. My dctor, knowing i can take more carfentanyl thanan african elephant,  put me on1mg klonipin 4x a day ( if u haventtried it,geturass to ur dr, it has a verylonghalf life and is smooth), 1mgxanax xr or alzopram er 4x daily (think its the same thingjust generic buti can ask for name brand whenever my pharmacy has them in stock. Oh and talking more cns depressants, itake suboxone 4mg in morning and another 4 at night. And ur not gonna believe it ( well yeah u might if u undrstood the hell of 4 month chronic nausea and wasting) my doc topped offcmy expensive dr feelgoood breakfast w 360 5 mg marinol (thc made in a lab) so im taking 15 mg four times =60 mgs a day. If thats not enough, he has me on 50 mg vyvanse a day because i have awful adult addd. So couple tips my friend, never ask for a specific pill unless u are asking how do u think something in the BENZO class will benefit ur debilitatig condition. If ur doc doesnt think that occasional social anciety (present in 100 percent of americans) does not justify adding another cns depressant its cuz hes right but if you have bad frequentpanic u need to establish w a new dr, one you have researched whos patients walk out w smiles on their face. Remember, dont just say i like valiums i like how they dulleverydaylife. Say i was wondering about the safety of maybe valium 4 times dailydoc cuzits crippling me. And lastly, tell ur new dr that guess what im here for some severe discomfort and i know docs are reluctant to do a regular and prn, but guess what i Told my dr i wanted to build trust and allow him to do random uas amd pill counts by signing a waiver.it doesnt take awayur rights bro it makes ur dr highly more likely to give you 'comfort meds' in the dose that comforts u. Most drs are scared by a fascist rogue group called the dea that goes after good drs more often than illegitimate quacks that write scrips for cash.. That waiver releases muchof there overburdensome rules the feds put on all these meds. Finally, klonipin. Schedule 4 like all bennies except rohypnol, and one drslike to prescribe for severepanicbut moreso g.a.d. thats debilitating and unresponsive to othe treatments. Be well and good luck.

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