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Monday, April 20, 2009 melissa rok, Community Member, asks

Q: Can you take zoloft and xanax together?

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Answers (6)
Teri Robert, Health Guide
4/20/09 1:55pm



I can't find any significant known interactions between these two medications, BUT you need to ask your doctor this question. There are factors to be considered in addition to possible interactions between these two medications -- any health issues/conditions you may have, and ALL other medications you are taking including prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, etc.



Deanna, Community Member
10/ 5/11 11:19pm

I have had insomnia for 1 year and a half. My pharmacist inform me Zoloft and Xanax fight each other. He suggested I leave the Zoloft alone. So I take Xanax and an over the counter sleeping pill. Deanna

TommyT, Community Member
4/20/09 8:54pm

I am presently taking zoloft 150m and (xanax 1m  3 times a day) and 150 m of efexor.these are prescribed by my doctor. Have been taking this for 1 yr.

Suzanne B., Community Member
7/ 6/11 8:33pm

NO!  Please don't do this.  I was on 200 mg/day of Zoloft and also on Xanax (about the same dosages as you) for 10 - 15 years.  During those years I had changed a great deal without realizing the changes.  My personality was extremely paranoid and became a heavy drinker along with becoming addicted to Xanax.  I have continuously been in trouble (both legal and personal problems) at an increasing rate over the years of taking the drugs.  I had never before in my life had addiction problems before I started with Zoloft.  I have also developed tinnitus (ringing in the ears), a quick temper, paranoia, loss of sexual function and many other side effects.  I became so out of control that I ended up in the hospital from abuse of Xanax and alcohol.  When I awoke I felt that my brain was rebooted and finally realized all of my problems were Zoloft and Xanax related.  I went to my doctor and got immediately on a increasing reduction of my Xanax and Zoloft.  I'm currently off Xanax and have been for 3 months.  I'm also reducing my Zoloft and am currently on 25 mg/day.  I should be completely off of it by the end of the month.  I can't wait because my zest for life has returned and I no longer need alcohol or Xanax to make me feel good.  I also haven't had a drink since I woke up in the hospital.  I have lost much of my memories over the last few years so I'm extremely pleased to be back to normal.  Once I get off the Zoloft completely, I will never go back.  I'm going to stay off of mind-altering drugs forever.  Please don't get started for you might feel well on the short-term, but over time you'll turn into a person you will no longer recognize.  Feel free to contact me with questions. 

Deanna, Community Member
10/ 5/11 11:26pm

I just went off Zoloft and Prozac. They both cause insomnia.Both medications fight Xanax. I'm getting my insulin right and my diabetes is down,(first time in 5 years) I learned the mistake by commercials.

renesatterfield, Community Member
5/21/13 11:19am

My Son & his wife just went through a divorce due to the fact that his wife was cheating, drinking and her whole personality changed toward her belief in God and nututing her children. One day she love him and the next she wishes he was dead. She called last night crying and admitting she has been on xanax and zoloft begging him back. She has played so many games with his head he don't know if he can believe anything she says. Her sex desire was increased and changes toward what she wants and even desiring females. Is this part of it?  She went from being a Sunday school teacher to hating all of us and giving my son a choice of her or his family (for no reason) but not willing to give up anything she is doing. She also drinks daily with a cup of Vodka & whatever mixed with it while she is by herself? Do you have any advice?


panic mode1979, Community Member
4/20/09 11:29pm

My doctor had me on Zoloft and Xanax at the same time for about 6 months.I currently do not take either,the Zoloft gave me to many side affects,and the Xanax could make me fall asleep standing up! Taking the two drugs together never caused me any problems it was just that these drugs were not right for me. I am currently taking Pristiq 50mg. alone and it has done wonders to control my Depression and Anxiety. I hope this information helps you and I wish you good health!

Morganator, Community Member
5/24/09 11:38pm

If you can, I would seriously try to take zoloft alone for 8 weeks and see if your anxiety begins to improve.  These people that are on xanax and other benzos may be addicted.  The thing is, many people may have found that through zoloft or another ssri alone, their anxiety may have greatly improved.  Now, because they went straight into taking the SSRI on a benzo like xanax, they may never know if the SSRI alone would have been enough.  Benzos are extremely addictive and fairly toxic and can be hell to try to get off of.  Plus, many psychiatrists think that benzos can interfere with the efficacy of antidepressants as they are central nervous system depressants.  The same reason why drinking alcohol may interfere with the efficacy of antidepressants, especially in the beginning.  My best advice to anyone would be to try to be tough for a few months of trying an SSRI.  Some times in life if we are patient and take the pain for a little longer, the pay off may be much greater.  I would also highly recommend intense exercise followed by a long period of stretching.  The exercise will help to increase endorphins and serotonin and it will release all of that negative energy that may be causing your anxiety.  Stretching has been shown to increase GABA, the neurotransmitter benzos like xanax work on.  Goodluck!  I really hope you didn't get hooked on xanax until you at least tried the SSRI first.  Unfortunately many psychiatrists just want to drug us up and find a quick fix.  When we are in a vulnerable place, we are willing to do anything and do not do our own research and think about the consequences.

JAMAL, Community Member
10/ 6/11 3:48am

xanax is acalming agent taken with zoloft for the first 2-3weeks only then zoloft will take care for anxiety

do not take xanax after this period cuz you will need more and more dose to calm you

let zoloft take his position



JAN-PAUL, Community Member
2/16/13 5:10am

I have been taking 200mg of Zoloft and 1-2 mg of xanax for servre depression and panic disorder for 13 years. It has helped me function and provided me with a fair quality of life, much better than freaking out everyday. I haven't expereinced any real bad side effects other than sweating heaps when I engage in physical work. 


I have built up a small tolerance to xanax, but I have only increased it by about .5mg over the 13 year period. I feel ok, but I don't drink alcohol, it makes me feel dizzy and I become anxious.


Because I have sevre depression, I feel the two drugs compliment each other well. Occassionally I  may take an extra xanax on a bad day. This happens only 1-2 a month. I do get very tired if I take 3mg of xanax in a day, but sleep like a baby. I wake up a little groggy, but still function ok. I think the cigarettes make me feel shit the most.


Don't suffer to much and take these drugs if prescribed to you. Just remember, anti-depressants are sometimes a hit and miss thing until you get the right type that suits you. Xanax is good for anyone, but only if prescribhed by a doctor. Definatley ask for it, they are very effective and will take away that sinking feeling you can get with depressiona and anxiety. Always keep in close touch with your doctor and ask questions. I find that the chemists have time to answer questions.

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