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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 susan, Community Member, asks

Q: Is everyone having sex side effects??? I want my sex drive back not to make it worse!!!! Isn't there anything out there that will either help make it better or that doesn't destroy it?

I'm getting ready to start taking Pristiq.  I'm getting conflicting info on it. Some info says next to no sex side effects but I hear people talking about it killing their sex drive!  I really want to have some kind of sex drive back.  It would be really nice to actually want to have sex again without force myself to be in the mood.  Can't they even come up with something that would at least help counter-act that part of the drugs we all have to take???  No offense but men have choices to help them in certain ways...what about the women??

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Honey, Community Member
5/15/12 11:13pm

I don't think there is anything that can be done to bring back your sex life.  Zoloft killed my sexlife.  Wellbutrin was added and made things way worse.  HAving my eyeballs wide open for 3 nights dispite extreeme exaustion was enouugh to make me stick to just zoloft.  No sexdrive is better than no sexdrive and no sleep.  The only thing that I have found that makes any difference, ever so minor difference, is skipping one day of the meds and taking the meds again as late as possible.  Meaning after the fact.  Sex first, meds next.  It should not be so difficult, fruitless and down right annoying to have sex and have things be unproductive.  If it is productive the amount of effort leaves you with a why bother attitude.  

susan, Community Member
5/23/12 8:36am

It's very frustrating...Between the meds for the Bipolar and the meds for the Lupus I have to take I might as well give up on ever having any sex life at all. Decided to stay on the Effexor and not start the Pristique. At least I know the Effexor works. Why change what already works. So I guess since nothing changes the sex drive you just deal with what you have and hope for the best at some point.

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