• lisa lisa
    September 07, 2008
    am i going mad? i cant think straight,lots of thoughts a racing through my head i cant concentrate
    lisa lisa
    September 07, 2008

    i think im going mad,my mind seems to constantly race i cant concentrate on anything,i never know wot mood im in i feel like im crackin up,im n

    ot happy with the way i am,i am always snappy at others,i feel like i dont know who i am anymore eveything including the outside world seems weird? i dont feel like im there on planet earth with everyone else,i just dont know who i am? sometimes i find myself repeating everything or i cant remember what i was going to say please help me i feel l ike im losin the plot???



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  • rar1951 September 08, 2008
    September 08, 2008

    Yell Hi Lisa,                              9/8/08

                 I am a Clinical Psychologist and long time depression sufferer.  Without more info I cannot be absolutely sure, however you described 3 important symptoms which can be indicative of depression: racing thoughts, mood swings, and  irritability.  Between the lines I think I got the sense of another symptom: anhedonia, or the loss of enjoyment in day-to-day life.  If you are depressed, you will also have a sleep disturbance, loss of interest in previously cherished activities, and a loss of productivity (i.e., whether that is on the job or in school).  I am assuming that you are not suffering from hyperactivity, and no one has told you that you may have ADHD (i.e., Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity).  Your age is important in regard to this question.

                  More information is needed to examine whether your condition is situational or more long term.  I inherited my depression (and anxiety) genetically, which is very common, and long term.  Of the 4 children in my family, 3 out of the 4 developed depression either in adolescence (i.e., me), or young adulthood (i.e., my sister and brother).  Situational depression results from some insurmountable block to cherished goals in one's life (e.g., lose a job you love, turned down by a college for entrance).  The origin of your depression, and length of time you have been suffering from your symptoms would determine whether medication is necessary.  Short-term situational depression is best treated by professional counseling (i.e., helpful advice from well-meaning relatives or friends doesn't help;  Don't you agree?!).  Medication can help in this situation, but only as an adjunct to the counseling because you have to solve the dilemma that is causing the situational depression.  Most county mental health centers offer a siding scale to pay for this counseling, and it may only last 10 weeks or less, going once a week.  They usually will let you make small monthly payments.  This is if you do not have medical insurance, in which case the counseling could be free, or you could pay a small co-payment.

                  If there is no situation which precipitated your depression, it is biochemical in its inception, and will almost certainly require medication to relieve your symptoms.  One caution must be added for more long term depression, or if the condition resulted from some kind of injury.  There is a condition called Bipolar Disorder which includes all of the symptoms you have described.  You usually inherit this condition genetically.  Some young people with ADHD can graduate into the disorder.  Medical tests are required to make the diagnosis, although other mental health practitioners can help point you in the right direction.

                   If you are a young person (i.e., under 13), and are not necessarily depressed, you may have ADHD, which, along with your mentioned symptoms would include a sleep disturbance, inability to concentrate, distractability, a sense that you are thinking and acting faster than most other people around you, and no desire to put up with others who cannot keep up with you.  This is a biochemical disorder, and requires medication in order to function in school.  Also, your parents must approve of the medication.  There is an argument about the medication because of side effects and long term effects, however if one cannot learn in school, medication is indicated because all young people have stages of development, which are times in one's life in which one must learn some things.  For example, one must learn to read before age 14 or generally they will always be a slow reader.  It is as if a door shuts to that kind of learning.

                    I hope I have been helpful in your quest to find out why you are not functioning the way you used to.  I hope you get to be diagnosed by a mental health professional, or even your family doctor.  If you are over the age of 12, the appointment will be confidential.  As you see, there are many symptoms and determinents which must be factored in.  Good luck.  RAR1951


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      October 30, 2011
      Jesse Kilmon
      October 30, 2011
      I'm so scared , I'm only a 15 year old guy and it feels like I have nothing left in my life. I can't concentrate, I used to love drawing and music, and I am always in a horrible mood. I can't sleep or enjoy anything, every once in a while I get a glimpse of actual sanity and understanding but it's gone in less than a few hours. Please help! READ MORE
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      I'm 14 and in elementary school and beginning of middle school I could be talking to my friends while the teacher explains something as complicated as the quadratic formula and still understand what to do. I had straight A's and I could concentrate on projects, now I just procrastinate and continue to ask friends for help on how to do things and end up annoying them so I copy off their work (I hate doing that). I also have horrible memory and I complicate the most simplest things like how to microwave food... 

  • sassyb December 10, 2010
    December 10, 2010
    Dont worry to much your not alone, i couldnt beleive it when i read this-it sounded as though i wrote it....Everything you described happens to me also-feel like im not on this planet, EVERTHING and EVERYONE stresses me out and im so paranoid their doing it just to purposly piss me off. Im so happy one min and sOOOO sad,stressy,angry and sad the next most of the time i feel in the bad mood :( everyone tells me oh cheer up,dont be silly,stop feeling sorry for yourself-but this just makes me feel worse and i want to punch them. I have the strangest weird dreams EVERY night and i find myself speaking to myself very often rehursing what im going to say becauser i know as soon as someone speaks to me i'll talk so fast trying to get to the point im trying to make then i'll stutter,mumble and forget what i was going to say and the person im speaking to looks at me like im a weirdo because i can even make a sentance without speaking really fast then it making no sense. I feel like im not normal-going mad but no one understands. My doctor put me on Citalopram 40mg which has taken the edge off the stressyness so i dont cry when in situations that used to make me panic,cry,shout,scream and want to hit someone and kill myself such as running low on petrol or forgetting to charge up my phone daft silly little things. but i still feel like im loosing it slowely and now my dr is fed up of me windging so she wants me to come off the tablets but im not ready if i miss one day of my medication im a mess crying,shouting at EVERYONE because EVERYTHING pisses me off, want to kill myself-im so fed up iv had enough!!! READ MORE
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