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Monday, September 21, 2009 Hope, Community Member, asks

Q: Being out of work and fighting depression is difficult.How can I go easier on myself?

Hi everybody I am out of work and have been suffering from anxiety and depression.Everybody knows the economy is still bad and jobs are hard to find.This must be a issue for many out of work depressed people.I have been laid off for almost 8 months.I have been trying to use this time for good use while looking for work. I have written before that I feel that I am close to a a change for the better in my life.I have thoughts of joining a gym,meeting new people,joining a support group.I have used this time to make a few improvements on my house.One thing that is troubling is that many times I get very anxious especially when I am about to get up in the morning.I will have thoughts like I am lazy,a loser,will never find a job,things will not get better.Of course these thoughts do not help me get better. They may also ruin a day if I do not talk back to them.I know of a few people who have waited to the point of there unemployment running out to get serious about finding a job.I have been looking and do not want to do this.I can not tell the unemployment dept that I was depressed and waited to look for a job.My question is since I used to work 60 hrs per week and had no life besides work how do I respond to these negative voices I hear especially in the morning so they will not throw my progress off track. I have one thought that being out of work is stressful for anybody and when you are suffering from anxiety and depression it makes it even harder.I also can not help but think that the changes I am thinking about making in my life exercise,getting out,going to school If I stick with them and keep moving ahead will help my anxiety and make it easier to find a job.Any advice would be appreciated.THANKYOU

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Answers (2)
Teri Robert, Health Guide
9/24/09 2:39pm

Hi, Hope,


Wow, this economy can certainly make living with depression more difficult. It DOES sound, however, as if you're doing a great job of recognizing that and trying to cope.


It's great that you're exercising and going to school. When I was out of work, something that really helped me maintain my sense of self-worth and self-esteem was doing some volunteer work where I knew I was helping people. Some places where you can do that are hospitals, food kitchens, the Red Cross, etc. Just about any community has loads of volunteer opportunities. Volunteering also gets you out and lets you meet new people. Do you think that would interest you?



Hope, Community Member
9/24/09 5:40pm

Hi yes that sounds like a good idea.The red cross building is close to my house and they help seniors who live alone and people down on there luck.I feel deep down inside my soul that I need to get out and be around people.I have spent alot of time by myself isolated.It is a easy pattern to get into stay home watch tv oversleep.This brings my energy level down to nothing.It gets very bad when you are out of work and do not have that connection that I had with people at work.I also have a difficult family so it makes sence that if I stay home and isolate myself I will be exhausted and unhappy.Even though I am not doing any physical work.I am meeting a person friday to perhaps exercise with.Wish me luck and I will check into the volunteer work.THANKYOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Smomdukes, Community Member
9/21/09 9:57am

Hi Hope, been there done that.  OK, where to start, first five yourself a break, and take a deep long breath, it is not you it is them, it is always them, I promise you it isWink.  2nd look within yourself and find what that it is that you like to do other than work.  I had to.  Do you like hobbies, you said that you had thought about writiing, find you a quite spot, get you a nice pen, and a note pad, and get busy.  Block everything else out of your mind.  Just start writing, read back over it later.  You will surprise yourself.  Now is the time to be selfish, think of only you!  Life is only about YOU, and how you feel and look.  Buy yourself something.  Tomorrow I am going to purchase me a new handbage, my husband does not know it, but what he does not know surely will not kill him, hey I will tell him later, or he will know it when he sees me carrying it, he told me I had enough, when he said that, that was the straw that broke the camels back, I am going to get it now, he should have kept his trap shut, joke is on HIM Tongue out  Hope, do something for yourself, find a hobby expound on it stop looking for a job it will find you.  Live enjoy life, work on YOU, have fun!  sherry/smomdukes Kiss

Hope, Community Member
9/25/09 2:20pm

Hi I meant to write you a while back.Your ideas made sence I am not used to doing things for me.Most of my life I have been doing things for my family.It makes sence that you have to take care of yourself before you can help others.Now is the time for me.I really was not happy with my last job.It was a paycheck but nothing else.I know a paycheck is important but you spend 8+ hrs per day at work why not make it something you enjoy doing.Thankyou for your support God bless you.

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