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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Chunu lal, Community Member, asks

Q: i m married but not happy with my married life. my husband loves me but i want to end up this marriage. my in-laws also love me.

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Merely Me, Health Guide
10/19/10 3:50pm



It sounds like you are conflicted.  You say you are not happy and wish to end the marriage but you also realize that your husband and in-laws love you.  I too am wondering...what is making you unhappy in your marriage?  Do you feel like you might want to try to work this out or at least give yourself some time before you reach a final decision?


Let us know more about what is going on if it helps to write here.


I wish you the best whatever you decide.

Heather, Community Member
10/19/10 2:16pm

Why are you not happy?  Are you in love?  Have you tried to make it work, or is it even worth it to you to try?  If you are really unhappy and want to move on with your life, you should just go ahead and do that.  You need to be the most important person to you.

kitkat, Community Member
10/19/10 5:36pm

Well, could it be that your not happy with your husband? Are you not sexually attracted to him. Does he have financial issues? Why are you not happy? Your husband may love you but is he satisfying your needs. Do you feel like maybe he is not doing enough. Is he boring? Are your two different people now?

There are different reasons why you could be unhappy. If your reasons are minor maybe you need to stop dwelling on the small reasons. But if the reason is a big deal and it always comes up and bothers you and its been years. Then maybe its time to move on. You have to be happy in order to be content with your situation. Dont worry about what others think? ... Make a list of what makes you happy and what you want out of life. Does your hubby add to it? or Is he a drag?? just questions.... dont really know your situation but never stay in a situation because of what others think.

Chunu lal, Community Member
10/22/10 1:48am

i m not sexually attracted to him. i m married since feb, this year ,only eight months to our marrige. . and i find that we are not compatible for each other. . i dont like there way of living. . whole family is different .. there are six members ...grandparents, then parents, my husband and his divorced sister..they all are totally different from each other.. always fighting on small issues.  i m really get frustrated over there. . i dont feel like doing anything.. i  have even stopped caring about my own self. . we cannot get separated from that family.. we have to live with all of them.. . i m not happy with my husbands behaviour .. he is always filled with anger. and whenever he is angry he says anything that came to his mind. . i am worried about my future . i m not yet pregnent but my inlaws are insisting me to have a baby.  and i really dont want to have baby.. because i dont want my baby to be violent like them. .i want a peacfull life.. i want to live life on my own terms .. i m not getting any solid reason to say them that i dont want to live with them.. and moreover with my husband. . i m so much stressed that i m getting ill day by day... i m working and when i m in office i feel good... and dont feel like going home in the evening. .. what should i do.. i reallly dont understand...i dont have parents.. my elder sister is married and younger brother is studying..i want to be free.. what reason should i give them. on what grounds should i decide and should i convey them that i m fed up with all of them

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