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Sunday, February 21, 2010 Lauryn, Community Member, asks

Q: Living with depression and have no support system

My parents say they care about what im going through but they arent doing anything about it. I have tryed to ask for help but no one listens. How do i get through being depressed? Can any one give me any advice on what to do?

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Answers (3)
Judy, Community Member
2/21/10 11:18pm

Hello, there, militarybrat.  I'm sorry you're feeling depressed and that your parents aren't listening to you.  Have you said to them, straight out, that you want to see a psychologist?  If they've said no to that, maybe you could get them to take you to a regular doctor.  If the doctor thinks you're depressed, he or she would probably make a recommendation to your parents to have you see a psychologist.  You can tell the doctor that's what you'd like to do.


Another alternative would be to talk to someone at your school - a counselor, a teacher you trust.  Maybe this person could talk to your parents and get them to understand how you feel.  Sometimes parents don't want to admit that there is anything wrong with their children, or they think it's a bad reflection on them, so they put off doing anything, hoping it will just go away.


Please know you can write here any time and we will try to help however we can.  I hope you'll let us know how you're doing and that you'll be able to get the help you need.

Lauryn, Community Member
2/25/10 4:33pm

My mom took me to the docotor and i have an appointment to go see some guy and ever scince we went to the doctor she has been a lot more supportive. Thank You for the advice.

Messenger, Community Member
2/22/10 1:43am

LaughingI want to help you! Everyone needs a support system! You are very smart to reach out on here to find help! I just stumbled on to this site by chance and maybe it as to help you and others like you! I am a mom and the mom in me wants to give you a BIG hug! I had a ruff childhood and like you had a difficult time getting my parents to listen to me. I felt all alone for a bit untill I thought about what my mom had been teaching me about God. It was hard at first to blieve in something I couldn't see but over time, when I felt like I had no one else, I would close my eyes and pray to God to help heal my heart. May sound crazy but It worked! I didn't know what all to say in a prayer. So it wasn't all pro like maybe they would say at church, it was just between me and the big guy upstairs so I just prayed like I would talk to a friend. As things started looking up I began to believe more and pray more. I'm not saying I didn't fall off the wagon a time or two or three and do things I was ashamed of now and again. But the good thing was that everytime I really would get in a mess, God was there for me. He won't let you down. If you believe in him you are never alone and you will have the best support system ever!

  I can be here as your cyber mom to vent to when your parents dont listen and also help guide you to a higher power than myself for some real help like Glenda the good witch guided Dorthy to the wizard.

Lauryn, Community Member
2/25/10 4:44pm

Thank you for the advice about talking to the big man up stairs. im going to try that. Thank you for replying to my message!

tex, Community Member
2/24/10 3:39pm

I agree with talking to someone at your school---a teacher or counselor.  Maybe they can make your parents understand about your depression.  Many people who don't understand depression want to bury their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist.   But if another adult contacts them about this, maybe they will wake up.  Take care.  I care.


Lauryn, Community Member
2/25/10 4:48pm

That advice is really good and i could use it if i didnt already graduate school. but Thank you for giving me the advice.

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