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Sunday, February 14, 2010 me, Community Member, asks

Q: what is the most painless way to commit suicide

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Answers (4)
Merely Me, Health Guide
2/15/10 5:50pm

Hi me


Just checking up on are you feeling today?  Will you come back and talk to us? 


If you need help right now...please do call any of the hotline numbers Paul has given you. 


Please stay and hang in there.  We want to hear from you again.

martha, Community Member
2/14/10 11:58am

 how old are you me?

NOB, Community Member
9/ 7/11 6:28pm

I want a real answer to the above question. Chronic physical pain and even more chronic emotional pain can be devastating and debilitating, affecting your everyday life, your interaction with others, your restless nights. You feel alone. The worst part, for me, about taking my own life is knowing that no one will miss me, no one will care. My cremation is paid for and I refused an obituary and memorial service. I even instructed the funeral home that my ashes are not to be returned to any family members because no one will pick them up. So why the hell not shouldn’t I have the right to end it now on my terms?


madelenarose, Community Member
2/14/10 2:54pm

Hi there me. My name is maria. I'm sorry that you are hurting so much that you are now asking that question. There is no "most" painless way to commit suicide.  I'm sure that everyone here has gone through some rough times, where we've thought about it.  But, really, it is all very painful.  Painful for you, and it's more than physical pain. The pain inside.  Sometimes, we are filled with so much pain that we think there's only one option left.  I know it's horrible to say, but I really do think that everything happens for a reason. We can't see it now, of course, but I do believe that.  We go through things that we have to either make our hearts stronger, or to make someone come into your life that is supposed to.  I don't know. And we think that oh I'll just end it real quick and that will be that. No. I don't know your personal situation, but even though, I do know that someone out there would be devastated if they found out you were gone. Sometimes, we don't know people care about us, but they do.  People notice. Please, don't take this route. Talk to someone, anyone. Or if anything, talk to someone here. That's what we are all here for. We all want to talk to someone, to reach out and get some comfort that we can't find anywhere else.  That's what brought me here today. Please post and let us know that you're ok. IT WILL BE OK. MANY BLESSINGS ME.  Here, we are with you.

me, Community Member
2/14/10 3:22pm

As I said before, unemployed, lost everything wife and all. Time to go!!!

Fmcevoy, Community Member
7/13/10 3:06pm

Well, I'm in the same situation.  I've been unemployed for 2.5 years; the money just ran out.  As it happens, I got three job rejections in the past 14 days.  (I doubt death will be rejecting me.)


Still, I'd like to hear more about your story.  My number is 703.683.3684 if you want to talk. 


Did you know there was a union for unemployed people in Maryland?  I haven't called them yet (they're local), but I will.



Paul, Community Member
2/14/10 3:28pm

I copied an answer to a question in part, about suicide, and I can't know what is going on in your life which causes you to ask that question. I assure you that some of our members, or more, have thought about the same thing. But we are here because there is support. No one can cure depression yet and until then, it helps to be among good people who understand.


If it helps you, try writing what has led you to this place, to that question here in a sharepost, or posts, we can try to help, just as we would like it if you perhaps, might help another.


Anyway, the following was part of an answer to a suicide question which Merely Me, a writer and community leader for this site gave to another person. I know several people here have called those numbers and been able to talk anonymously to trained people. It can't hurt to try, to see what they have to say.


For the long run, you could try the web sites listed. NAMI should have a chapter near you where you might find some way to deal with the problems you carry. I may sound like an idiot, but I just want to help, somehow.


This site helps me, a lot of people here help me, and they do not know, that by just reading their comments or shareposts I find answers and, comfort.



"Here are some hotline numbers to call if you are feeling like you wish to harm yourself:


1-800-273-TALK (8255)




There is also email support for people who are feeling suicidal.  Just follow this link.

If you would like the help of a professional immediately, you can call 911; take yourself to the nearest emergency room, or Find a Therapist.


Support groups exist in many communities to help you get through a bad time.  Try these organizations:

When you are feeling extremely depressed you might think that suicide ends the pain.  It doesn't.  The pain will live on forever in all the people you leave behind.  There are always other options.  Please reach out for help if you need it."

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