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Monday, March 14, 2011 rOSE, Community Member, asks

Q: Can I get leg cramps from Citalopram? Have been taking it for 5 months and just recently weaned off the the drug. Getting horrible leg cramps at night. Is this a side effect?

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John Folk-Williams, Health Guide
3/14/11 8:08pm

That's a question for your doctor, but if you weaned off citalopram over 5 months, you should have avoided SSRI withdrawal syndrome. That can have many painful side effects varying with the individual - but that usually results from abruptly stopping the use of the drug. Cramping can result from a number of causes, but I haven't it heard of it in this context. It could come from other drugs you're taking or perhaps an adverse reaction if you've switched to a different type of antidepressant - or it's a completely independent problem. As I say, you need to check with your doctor who knows - or should know - your medical history, other drugs you may be taking and possible interactions and side effects.



pregonumfour, Community Member
3/23/11 8:28pm

hi expert i have  question maybe you can help i have severe anxiety and was on clonazapem and found out i was pregnant and i am no longer on it but i am having a lot of problems now and if its not safe to take it while im pregnant i dont want to ask my ob dr. to put me on it, i was wondering if my risks outweigh the risks of the medication then would it be safe???hope you can help.....


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