• Not_A_Nut Not_A_Nut
    May 01, 2008
    Can someone have Temporal Lobe seizures and they don't show up on an EEG or a MRI?
    Not_A_Nut Not_A_Nut
    May 01, 2008

    I have been dealing with several problems for years now with no relief. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, REM Behavior Disorder, Panic Disorder, and ADD. Now, If all that wasn't enough to deal with, I also have been having very odd Seizure activity at times... My seizures follow all the symptoms of right temporal lobe seizures but the doctors can't find any sign of them when they do tests on me... The tests either come back inconclusive or no unusual brain activity. When i was a small child I did have Grand Mal seizures for a few years but grew out of them... A few years back I was on Phen/Fen for weight loss... after I stopped taking it I began to have panic attacks and then I had a car accident and was knocked unconscious... after that I began having the seizures. I had several cat scans and MRI's and have no brain trauma... Do have some trauma to my spine in my lower back and neck area. If anyone knows anything about Right Temporal lobe seizures then they know they are very strange... You see and aura beforehand... sort of a warning sign and you can see, hear, smell, and taste things that are not really weird... When you tell that to a doctor they tend to think you are psychotic, lol.. But, I know I'm not crazy. When it happens with me my vision is the biggest change... I see flashing lights or sometimes get tunnel vision or if it is a bad one then I can loose my vision for a moment or two.... there is a bright flash of light and then the light fades and my vision fades to black with it.... I have no head pain(not a migraine) and when these happen it is like the rest of me zones out.... I know it is happening but if someone trys to talk to me I cannot respond and I don't understand you... It's like they are talking a foreign language. Also, a lot of the times I get very nauseous and I repeat what I'm doing... For instance, my hand may jerk or I may sit and tap my leg over and over or make a repetitive motion with my hands like I'm a skipping record.... During these I also have various other symptoms as well, such as: a feeling of or dread, "Deja Vu", drooling, a feeling of pins and needles, and bad memory problems at times. I also have them more often when I am stressed out... The biggest problem is that I cannot get a doctor to believe me.... because they don't happen on a regular basis.... Sometimes I can have 2 or 3 or more in one month... sometimes i can go for several months and not have one at all... also when i have a seizure I am almost guaranteed to have a panic attack right afterwards... sweating, sometimes, But I can have panic attacks with out the seizures as well... A major problem with all the things they have diagnosed me with is that a lot of the drugs for one thing make another thing worse. Does anyone have any ideas about my seizures or about medications that may work or how I can find a doctor that won't just automatically think I am nuts?



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  • Randy Player September 08, 2008
    Randy Player
    September 08, 2008

    Hello. I too have been in your exact situation. Finally, I found a good pschiatrist who prescribed me Depakote ER. At first, he stared me on 1000 milligrams a day. After one month he performed a blood test to check my Depakote levels. They were too low and I was still experiencing my previous symptoms of major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, sleep disturbances, and seizures.  Recently he increased my Depakote ER dose to 2000 milligrams per day along with 100 milligrams of Trazodone per day. It has truly helped.

    I just discovered your post dated 05/01/08, so I don't know what course of treatment, if any, that you have been receiving. But if you are still suffering, ask your doctor about Depakote ER. Good Luck. God Bless...... James.


  • mik
    April 13, 2009
    April 13, 2009

    Your not nuts. Your doctor believes you its just that they know that the extent of the health care that you need is a lot to handle and they don't want to get involved. Believe it or not most of them are in it for a 9-5 job like everyone else. You sounf like you may have MS. Panic attacks can also be brought on by an adrenal tumor. They can be a pysical problem not just a mental proble. You need to go to a good hospital like Mayo or Johns hopkins. They are really up on all the new techology that can help you get a proper diagnosis, They don't call you crazy but they may ask you to join a study. It is important for you to find a neuro that will give you an amblutory EEG (ONE THAT YOU CARRY DAY AND NIGHT). They are expensive and most local neuros don't have them. There is no drug for temporal lobe seizures. Some are canidates for surgery. Your neuro will try all kinds of drugs so he can get a kick back but there is not anything out there currently so don't waste your time looking for a drug. You really should be tested for a phyocromocytoma (adrenal tumor).

  • Tabby June 21, 2014
    June 21, 2014

    Had car accident in 2007 and mine developed thereafter


    I have 1 smaller Hippicampi over another and I have symptoms of temporal lobe partial-complex


    they do not occur daily or weekly and sometimes I can go a month or 2 without any

    I've had the EEGS, all normal


    the neuros I was seeing, for I see no one now... knew of the extensive psych history and my ongoing Bipolar Disorder... the meds I've been on for the psych issues and the med intolerance I have ongoing


    they declared the seizures "psycho-somatic" and refused to do anything more (yep, refused) and insisted I go to a psychiatrist

    I was, at that time, with a psychiatrist who shook his head in disgust


    so, I continually have sporadic seizures

    I get an aura, then an electrical sensation and everything surrounding me goes hazy and I'm unable to communicate


    sometimes, i find myself laid out... from where I had been standing, or sitting

    nauseated and unable to catch my breath, afterward

    dis-oriented and "druggy" feeling

    exhausted, sore, and wanting to sleep for hours on end


    they have been witnessed, over the years

    they scare my family members and my assorted co-workers

    no rhyme or reason as to their initiation.. nothing psycho-triggering is happening


    yet, they are deemed "psycho-somatic"

    I have a long history of Bipolar

  • Deborah June 19, 2014
    June 19, 2014

    Hi, yes I was in a car accident March 2013. Then developed similar symptoms like yours. My neurologists did an eye in his office, with a signal spike wave and ruled out partial onset seizures. He put me o Keppra750mg SR and Zolnisamide 100mg and I may have one seizure a month now. ALSO Meditation helps with the stress. I do the Chopra meditation. On line with deepak and Oprah. That helps a lot.  I did the sleep study at the epilepsy center and my test were normal. So My neurologists is still treating me with the meds. And they are working. Good luck and God Bless mine are located in the temporal lobe.

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