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Do I Have Depression?

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, you've probably got questions—lots of them. We’ve got answers. At this stage, although your energy level may be low, gathering knowledge is crucial. Below you’ll find articles written by individuals who have been where you are. They’ll help you figure out whether you're dealing with clinical depression or just sadness. Our experts will also help you decide what steps you should take to feel better. 

Just Diagnosed with Depression?

Find tips to help you manage your depression, interact with your loved ones and follow a path to recovery from Expert Deborah Gray.

Do I Have Depression?

  • Depression Test: Is it Depression or something else?
    Are you experiencing symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, or another condition? Take this test to help you determine what your symptoms mean.
  • confused
    10 Depression Myths Debunked
    Expert patient Deborah Gray identifies the most common myths about depression and explains the real story.
  • Diagnosing Depression
    If you haven't been feeling so hot lately, check out our depression diagnosis guide, with information on screening tests and common symptoms.
  • flower with lavendar and white petals, pollen
    Causes of Depression
    Find out what combination of biologic, genetic and environmental factors can trigger depression.

Just Diagnosed with Depression

  • illustration of assorted pill and medicine bottles
    Depression Drug Information
    The number of treatment options for depression can be overwhelming. Get a handle on the available medications here.
  • The First 48 Hours
    You’ve just been diagnosed with depression. Now what? Expert patient Deborah Gray shares her best tips for coping and taking control of your health.
  • Make an Action Plan!
    Once you've been diagnosed, finding treatment and getting better is all about action. Here you'll find the tools you need to overcome depression.
  • Kimberly Tyler
    Explaining Depression To Friends and Family
    Expert Patient Kimberly Tyler shares her strategy for helping friends and family understand and cope with depression in their loved ones.
  • What You Need to Know Before Joining an Online Support Group
    Deborah Gray, who runs an online depression forum, explains how to stay safe and get the most help from online support groups.