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Just Diagnosed?

If you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with depression, you may be experiencing a variety of emotions, and you’ve probably got questions—lots of them. We’ve got answers. At this stage, although your energy level may be low, gathering knowledge is crucial. Below you’ll find articles written by individuals who have been where you are. They’ll help you wade through these first few days of understanding your diagnosis and taking steps to find treatment.

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Artistic Depressed Woman

Here you'll find the key questions you'll want to ask your doctor after you've been diagnosed with depression.

Diagnosing Depression

  • Coping with Depression
    You’ve just been diagnosed with depression. Now what? Expert patient Deborah Gray shares her best tips for taking control of your health.
  • Fibromyalgia Myth Busting
    Top 10 Depression Myths Debunked
    Expert patient Deborah Gray identifies the most common myths about depression and explains the real story.
  • 7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor
    This list of questions will help you get the vital information about your treatment plan and medications.

What the Experts are Saying...

Diagnosis and Understanding

Kimberly Tyler
Featured Expert, Kimberly Tyler, takes us through her personal story as she navigated through the difficulties of being diagnosed with depression, understanding her condition, and learning to progressively overcome it. Read this inspiring story to relate and learn from another person's diagnosis with depression. 
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