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Depression Top Sites

Below are the Top 10 of the web’s very best sites dedicated to Depression as determined by our team of experts. These sites include small websites and individual blogs and were chosen based on their candid and informative content.  In giving these awards, we hope to recognize the individuals and organizations who share our vision in providing comprehensive, interactive and personal healthcare advice.  MyDepressionConnection and would like to congratulate our 2007 winners and sincerely thank them for producing high-quality, influential sites in the Depression community!

  • Dr. Deb
    Dr. Deb posts fresh, interesting, and current issues and articles that impact the human psyche.  
  • Depression Fallout
    Anne Sheffield's wisdom, support and compassion helps spread her vision of knowledge as power.
  • Wing of Madness
    A current and informative Web site and news blog on mental health topics by site creator and HealthCentral Depression Expert Deborah Gray.
  • Ten Minute Free Fall
    Insights from a long-time depression veteran of 42 years with the hope of providing encouragement and knowledge about depression.
  • Anxiety, Addiction, and Depression Treatments
    The most current and up-to-date source on important mental health news in medication, treatment, clinical research, and other areas.