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Treatment options for depression are extremely varied. Your treatment plan might include medication, various forms of therapy and lifestyle changes. Our guide will give you an idea of what different treatment plans will offer.

  • Why Painkillers Interfere with Anti-depressants
    It’s long been known that there is a link between chronic pain and depression, but a new study suggests there may be a connection between the drugs that treat these two conditions as well. 
  • Treatment
    Read this comprehensive overview of your various treatment options for battling depression.
  • The Power of a Positive Attitude
    Cynthia Haines, MD, sheds more light on the power of positive thinking to ease depression symptoms.
  • Ask the Doctor: Treatment-Resistant Depression
    Learn about the strategies that exist for addressing treatment-resistant depression, and find about a novel new treatment.
  • Depression, Pregnancy, and Acupuncture
    Two studies reveal interesting information on the prevalence and treatment of depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
  • New Attitudes for Better Health
    "I'm not always a 'glass is half-full' kind of person, but maintaining a positive mindset is a viewpoint that has served me - and my patients - well," says Dr. Cynthia Haines. "How we see the world around us plays a big role in how situations affect us."
  • Depression significantly impairs health but is unrecognized and untreated
    Recent research finds that despite the fact that depression leads to the greatest decline in health relative to other chronic illnesses, the percentage of people who receive treatment remains extremely low.
  • The Journey toward Recovery from Depression and Bipolar Disorder
    Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) community members share their stories and discuss how treatment, medications and support have helped them cope and recover.
  • 7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor
    This list of questions will help you get the vital information about your treatment plan and medications.
  • Medication
    Your doctor will likely prescribe medication as part of your treatment plan. Get the basics about depression medications here.
  • Therapy
    Psychotherapy often plays a role in treatment for depression. Learn about various types of psychotherapy with this guide.
  • Psychotherapy
    Read this guide to alternative treatments for depression.
  • Other Treatments
    Your day-to-day lifestyle - diet, exercise, nutrition - can have a significant impact on your mental health. Read our guide to integrating healthy behaviors into your lifestyle.
  • Botox for Depression
    It's an idea that's so simple ... it might just work. Could no more frowns mean no more depression?