"TuAnalyze"...looking at A1C numbers across the country!

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  • TuDiabetes.com and the Children's Hospital of Boston have teamed to create and launch "TuAnalyze."


    TuAnalyze is a new application that allows anyone across the country to submit their Hemoglobin A1C numbers. The A1Cs submitted will then be tracked on a map of the United States to show the average A1C in that area of the country!


    This is incredibly cool for many reasons. The main reason that comes to my mind is that while we all live with diabetes on our own, and we often feel like the only person within miles trying to balance their blood sugar day in and day out, this map of A1Cs will remind us that there are so many people in this country living with this challenge.

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    For more info on what your A1C really means about your blood sugars, check out this post: Understanding your A1C percentage.


    It's hard to feel alone as a diabetic when you can look at a map lit up with A1Cs of all kinds and ranges across the entire country!

    Because this project just barely launched this week, the only numbers recorded and shown on the map so far belong to California! But as more diabetics plug in their numbers, the more areas of the rest of the country will begin to reveal their averages.


    Check out the map and enter your data!

Published On: May 20, 2010