Would you rather live with diabetes or...

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  • You know that silly game you play with your friends (or you watch your kids play with their friends)..."Would you rather marry Will Smith and be rich and famous, or find your soulmate and be happy forever and ever?"


    "Would you rather live with diabetes or...."


    See, I have a theory, maybe its more of a belief, that no one in this world lives a life that is free of different kinds of difficulty, pain, suffering, sadness, daily challenge, and stress. But it comes right down to how you think about your life and the challenges you face throughout it.


    It doesn't matter how rich or beautiful a person may be (men even cheat on Sandra Bullock, and Heidi Montag is so insecure and unhappy with herself that she had her entire body re-made) ...they will still face really challenging struggles throughout their entire lives.

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    If we stick to the Sandra and Heidi examples for a moment...Sandra can't control that her husband cheated on her, but she can control how she moves on afterwards and continues to live her life. Heidi chose to let her insecurities about her body rule her life, and instead of facing the thoughts in her head, she tried to change it all by having plastic surgery, which didn't seem to change the thoughts in her head at all.


    On the other side of the spectrum, my best friend from high school just lost her mother to cancer. Liz was a real spitfire of a woman! She didn't follow anyone's rules but her own, and right up to her death she never felt sorry for herself. Right up until she died she was telling the people in her life how grateful she was for them, and even just the taste of an oreo cookie and a warm bath put a huge smile on her face!


    When I think about all of my friends, there isn't a single friend that makes me think, "Boy, their life sure is easy! How unfair that I have to live with diabetes and they get to go through life without a care!"


    Nope, that's just not how it is. Everybody has something. If my attitude towards diabetes is self-pity and woe and "this is so unfair," then that would probably be my attitude towards any challenge I face in my life.


    I don't feel sorry myself, in fact, I think diabetes really pushes me to seize the freaking day and make the most of my health, make the most of what my body still can do instead of focusing on what it doesn't do very well at all.


    Would I rather live with diabetes or...or anything! Either way, whatever I face, I'm going to accept it as part of life, real life, where we all face challenges and I can live through that challenge to the very, very best of my ability.



Published On: June 08, 2010