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  • Hey Ginger,

    I use a pump and I love it, but I’m getting really, really sick of having the left-over gunk from the infusion site tape all over my old sites! I can’t get it off, and it looks gross. How do I get rid of it?

    Oh, yes, I remember that obnoxious tape residue! What you need are Adhesive Removal Pads, which you can usually find in pharmacies. They’re kind of like alcohol swipes but obviously contain a different assortment of chemicals in them! They work like a charm though! You just rub the pad on the old adhesive residue (sometimes you’ve gotta rub kind of rigorously) and it washes off. If you can’t find them in the pharmacy, you can also buy them on the internet. They’re only $3.89 for a box of 100 on the website!
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Published On: February 04, 2008