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Monday, April 06, 2009 DiabeticDancer, Community Member, asks

Q: I really want to get a tattoo about my diabetes.

My name is Shelby and I'm 17 years old. I am dying to get a tattoo about my Diabetes. If I would get one, I would want it to say "diabetic" small on my foot. Is this safe for diabetics? Does anybody else have one? My parents are still kinda iffy on the decision, but I'm trying to research as much as I can about the subject so I do it safe! Please help!! :)

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Ginger Vieira, Health Guide
4/ 6/09 9:12pm

Hey Shelby,


I've actually met a few people who have medic alert symbols tattooed onto their arms, on the inside of the wrist.


Look at this: tattoo on arm and tattoo number two!


Is it safe? Yes, you can get tattoos as a person with diabetes - no problem. I don't have a diabetic alert tattoo, but I do have a tattoo on my ankle of my grandfather's initials and birth to death dates.


If you want to get diabetic on your foot, that isn't going to serve as a "medic alert" the way some people have, but instead a tattoo about a major part of your life, which is your decision.


I have a suggestion for you though: take a Sharpie marker and write "Diabetic" on your foot for a day or a two and see how you like it. A tattoo is permanent, obviously, but make sure you look down at your foot and really want that on your foot for the rest of your life.



Ductapefiend, Community Member
4/ 9/09 5:13pm

Hey Shelby, I am diabetic and have a tattoo...quite a large one actually. I didn't have any problems with getting it, or having it heal.  Some tattoo places, and piercing places will ask for a doctors note saying that you are healthy enough to get something done, but its not a big deal! :o) 


I too am looking at getting a medical alert tat (on my wrist) and have seen a few people with them.  A cute idea (maybe to help coax your perents into letting you get it) is to use a dragon fly with a ribbon around it (to represent the med cross with the snake around it) with Diabetic written in script next to or under it. Or something to that effect. Sorry if that was confusing! haha


Hope this helped, and good luck convincing the parental units! :o)

Little Rick, Community Member
4/26/09 10:04pm

hey shelby, although i dont have any diabetes related tattoos (although ive considered it) im covered from head to toe quite literally with tattoos. its perfectly safe as long as you go to a reputable shop that sterilizes and uses a fresh needle with every client.

penllyn8, Community Member
4/12/12 5:43am

I'm 52 and have been Type 1 diabetic for about 9 years. I was fed up with forgetting my Medic Alert bracelet all the time or it falling off because the velcro was wearing. I went ahead and had 'Type One' on one inner wrist and 'Diabetic' on the other.  -  best thing ever! I used fake ones to start with just to make sure I liked having a tattoo. Only problem I had was I liked them too much and have since added some cherry blossom to those, had a heart on the back of my neck and two gypsy lady half sleeves!!! Love tattoos and being diabetic isn't going to stop me, although I wouldn't have any on my feet just in case of problems.

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