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I love to write. I am a student at Champlain College in Burlington, VT, majoring in Professional Writing. While I’m the Editor in Chief of my campus newspaper, I really love creative fiction and non-fiction writing. I write about practically every experience I have, every funny person I meet—everything. When I told people I would be writing blogs about living with Type 1 diabetes, most people replied with, “How long can you really write about that? Won’t you run out of material?” I don’t think I could ever run out of material on diabetes.

I’ve had diabetes for 7 years and I’ve learned about far too many little things that diabetes affects on a day to day basis, so many of which any doctor or parent could never really know about or fully understand. As the person with diabetes, you know what I mean: it affects everything—everything! I think the biggest challenge of diabetes is not just maintaining your blood sugar, but learning how to cope with a disease that goes non-stop, 24/7—no vacations. I’d love to talk with anyone further about what they love and hate about diabetes. What they do to cope with the ups and downs of the disease, the endless list of variables that affect blood sugar levels, and how to help parents help their diabetic kids cope.  Actually, I’d love to talk about anything when it comes to diabetes!

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