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Type 1 diabetes patient expert Ann Bartlett brings nearly two decades of experience as a massage therapist to the community.

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I always have trouble writing a bio.  For me, it appears like a checklist:  where your interest started, college degree, post college degree, work experience. And sometimes it appears like an ego magnet.  Don’t get me wrong, I often look at credentials especially those of my doctors and lawyers.  But more important isn’t their graduate school or how many degrees they have, but what experience they bring to the table that is applicable to me.  Being in the bodywork business, experience far outweighs credentials!  It tells me if the person I’m going to see will relate to my needs.  Someone who worked at Canyon Ranch is far less likely to answer my physical needs than someone who has worked with professional athletes, and chronic illness.  I hope to offer a glimpse of what makes me love what I do and how I got there.  And the articles I post will give more detail about my past and present which help me make decisions today.  Enjoy the read!

I have been a juvenile diabetic since I was 5 years old.  My parents wanted me to live an independent life without feeling limitations. Their guidance through my childhood and into adulthood has made me a healthy, happy, vibrant human being!

Even without diabetes, my life was not typical.  My father was a pilot for TWA and school vacations were spent wondering through cities of a foreign countries learning about people, their lifestyle, history and culture!  My primary school was not the local public school, but a Waldorf school in Kimberton, Pennsylvania.  Attached to the school was a biodynamic dairy farm, adding 500 acres in which to learn about organic farming practices and the care of the animals that lived there.  While most people are just beginning to understand the meaning of organic and homeopathy, I’ve been steeped in the knowledge and culture for almost 35 years. 

I’ve been a practicing massage therapist for 19 years. In those 19 years, I have put my skills to the test working in very challenging circumstances.  My clients range from terminally ill to professional and world-class athletes.  I have an insatiable need for knowledge in healing and bodywork.  My background in understanding nutrition for diabetes, and my personal experience with integrated approaches to health have benefited not only me, but my clients as well.  A year ago I opened a small, integrated wellness center called The Body in Balance Center. I wanted to offer a place where people could find experts in the healing arts to help educate them in make healthy choices. 

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