Find information on the diabetes drug Byetta, which is used (along with a diet and exercise plan) to control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Byetta Drug Facts

  • Byetta
    How to Use
    Find dosage, instructions for use, warnings and drug interactions associated with Byetta here.

More on Byetta

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    Back When Byetta Began
    Mendosa goes back in time to discuss when Byetta began, with the discovery of the drug by Dr. John Eng.
  • overweight man
    When Byetta Fails
    Mendosa explores an instance when a man stopped responding to Byetta -- what do diabetes patients on the popular drug do if Byetta stops working suddenly? Mendosa responds.
  • rising medical costs
    Reaching out with Byetta
    Mendosa discusses the marketing technique of Byetta, a popular diabetes drug.
  • heartburn, GERD
    Byetta and Paralyzed Stomach
    Mendosa discusses gastroparesis and diabetes and how the common complication of a paralyzed stomach can be treated.
  • heart in hand
    Byetta for the Heart
    Mendosa discusses how Byetta has been proven to lower diabetics' risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Patient Story: David's Byetta Experience

  • Byetta Works
    Mendosa checks in on his Byetta progress a month and a half after starting to take the diabetes drug.
  • Man with Headache
    Controlling Nausea on Byetta
    Almost half of those in clinical trials complained that Byetta made them feel nauseated. Mendosa discusses his quest to find information to quell the nausea here.
  • diabetes, diabetes treatment, David Mendosa
    B is for Byetta
    In this post, Mendosa relates his successful use of Byetta, the diabetes drug that helped him lose weight.
  • Maintaining Weight
    Diabetes Expert David Mendosa muses over how he'll keep the weight off now that he's reached his weight goal.

The Byetta Mystery

Why do some people respond to Byetta, while others don't?

The answer may be in our genes. Read more as David attempts to solve this mystery. 
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