Meet Diabetes Specialist, Dr. Khavarian

Dr. Khavarian Health Pro
  • Hi my name is Dr. Bahareh Khavarian and I am excited to be part of the My Diabetes Central Site. I look forward to helping you and your loved ones in providing discussions on the issues of diabetes. I know that diabetes is a difficult disease to deal with and I will be here to answer any questions that arise.

    Let me provide you some background about myself. I am Board Certified as an Internal Medicine physician (doctor for adults) and have a strong interest in Diabetes Mellitus. I completed both my internship and residency at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. During my training I was exposed to numerous patients with Diabetes Mellitus with and without complications. This I believe has given me the knowledge base and the interest in this topic.
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    From an early age I knew I would follow in my family’s footsteps of becoming a doctor. I was always interested in science and helping people. I feel strongly about taking the time to listen to my patients’ needs, concerns, and complaints. I strive to treat each patient like my own family member. In a nutshell, I am a good, old-fashioned doctor who listens.

    I feel patients should take an active role in their health. It is not only important for yearly checkups and screening tests, but really understanding what is going on in your body. It is imperative to take advantage of the vast resources available to patients, such as nutrition consults, group sessions, and diabetic teaching. It not only leads the patient in a certain direction but also helps the patient gain awareness over their disease. The more one understands about the pathophysiology behind the disease, the complications, and the medications out there the more one is control.

    In the upcoming weeks and months I will be discussing the pathology behind Diabetes Mellitus, the psychological effects, the complications of this disease, the different avenues for control, and will give some insight on nutrition for diabetics. I encourage you to participate and ask questions. Please remember medicine is not an exact science and different people may have different experiences.

Published On: October 27, 2006