Castile Soap for Diabetic Skin

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  • For centuries the people of the Mediterranean have recognized the benefits of olive oil to nourish and moisturize the skin. Olive oil soap is simple and pure as soap can be and is the perfect solution for diabetic skin. It is made from natural ingredients, it is moisturizing and suitable for all types of skin , even those with ultra sensitive skin.


    Take care when buying soap . Top rated brands of Olive Oil Soap contain Saponified Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Chloride, but when synthetic fragrances are added they may contain toxic chemicals.


    Searching through the Cosmetic Safety Database, I have discovered many of the top rated shampoos are made from Castile Soap .

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    Castile Soap is made exclusively from vegetable oil, although many soap making authorities hold that to be "Castile" soap, it must be made exclusively or predominantly from olive oil. The soap originated in the Kingdom of Castile, one of the medieval kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula.


    Liquid castile soap is ideal for shampoo .Using castile soap -based shampoo is a little different than using chemical-based shampoos you may be used to.


    Most chemical -based shampoos contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate or a similar surfactant for lather) as a sudsing agent. Real castile based soaps lather well, but not to the level of mounds of later like the chemical based ones do.


    Here is trick I have found to make Castile Soap foam. In a small container put one tablespoon of liquid castile soap, then add one teaspoon hot water, shake well. You will now have sudsy shampoo without the Sodium Laurel Sulfate. Castile soap is good for your hair and skin and is very alkaline. You need to rinse your hair well after shampooing.


    If you have hard water, use an acidic rinse as needed such as vinegar and water as a rinse. It will depend on your hair and your water conditions, but 1/3 cup vinegar to ½ quart of water is all that is needed. Mix the vinegar in the shower with warm show water.


    Without the rinse your hair will be duller and feel thicker . A vinegar rinse acts as a Conditioner and a detangler and it is good for treating dandruff. Please note a Vinegar Rinse will strip hair colouring, so use your regular conditioner if you colour your hair. The shampoo will not hurt your colour, you can use it daily.


    Once you get used to the true healthy clean of olive oil soap and shampoo, you will never want to take a chemical wash again! Your hair will be fuller and will shine with health!


Published On: November 20, 2008