Monday, May 30, 2016

Dr. Bill Quick's Posts

Out of Warranty

Ever have a car that was about to go out of warranty, and wonder how soon after that magic date that things would start to break?


It's sort of like that with an insulin pump. My present "old reliable" insulin pump's warranty expires next month, and after four years of flawless service, I'm wondering what will... Read moreChevron

Ask Your Physician About Non-insulin Injectable Drugs For Treating Diabetes

There are now a dozen different types of medications to treat diabetes, several of which require self-injection by the patient (or a care-giver). The injectable diabetes drug that almost everyone is aware of is, of course, insulin, but there are several others: a drug called pramlintide, plus several drugs in the category called "GLP-1 receptor... Read moreChevron

The Next Great Thing in Type 1 Diabetes?

This past week, the diabetes headline-of-the-week was "Artificial Pancreas Outperforms Pump Tx in Randomized Trial." The story was referring to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Home Use of an Artificial... Read moreChevron

What You Need To Know About The Flu This Year

Each autumn, it's appropriate to remind people with diabetes (and everyone else) to get your annual flu vaccination.


Flu (more officially called influenza) is a viral infection that will, at least, cause a few days of misery, and, at most, can kill. It's caused by several closely-related viruses, and from year to year, the... Read moreChevron

There's Always a First Shot for People with Diabetes

Once upon a time, everyone who uses insulin or other injectable medications had to take their first shot. It's a nerve-wracking experience, to be sure, and one that elicits fear, loathing, sweating,  tremors, tears, and memories of childhood injections. Remember when you were a kid, and needed a shot? The needle seemed like a spear, and... Read moreChevron