Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dr. Bill Quick's Posts

A gadfly who's my new hero

I think I have found a new hero. I stumbled across a recent thought-provoking article, The epidemic of pre-diabetes: the medicine and the politics and had to admit that the author presents some cogent (and sometimes biting) arguments against the value of the concept of pre-diabetes.   Then I looked around for more information on the... Read moreChevron

Clindamycin, bursitis, and hyperglycemia

I recently saw the following question: I'm a juvenile-onset (type 1) diabetic. I was prescribed clindamycin for olecranon bursitis [inflammation of the fluid-filled sac at the elbow], and have been running higher than normal blood sugar levels since I've been taking it. Can clindamycin cause blood sugar levels to rise?   My... Read moreChevron

Tight Blood Glucose Control in Older Folks with Diabetes

A writer at the New York Times recently blogged about diabetes: Older People Often Overtreated for Diabetes, Study Suggests. In her article, she discusses a recent VA study, Assessing potential glycemic overtreatment in persons at hypoglycemic risk. She also quotes a internal medicine physician who "called the results 'scary,' and said... Read moreChevron

Biosimilars: Insulin Glargine Look-Alikes and Knock-Offs

There's been recent media attention to another term that physicians and pharmacists dealing with diabetes will need to become more familiar with -- "biosimilars."   What is a biosimilar? It's a biologic product that has proven to the regulatory authorities such as the FDA that it is very close to identical to the imitated biologic product,... Read moreChevron

A Baker's Dozen Classes of Drugs for Diabetes

Lorcaserin, brand name Belviq, is a selective 5-HT2C receptor agonist. It affects receptors that influence feeding behaviors. The drug was approved by the FDA in 2012 as a "prescription weight-loss medication that, when used with diet and exercise, can help some overweight adults with a weight-related medical problem, or obese adults, lose weight... Read moreChevron