Sunday, July 05, 2015

Dr. Bill Quick's Posts

Medicare Policies are Killing People with Diabetes

In 2011, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) implemented a trial of a Competitive Bidding Program (CBP) for... Read moreChevron

A Smart Insulin Patch

In the usual effusive prose of health-related news stories, the media has latched on to a mouse research study with titles like A Smarter Way to Treat Diabetes: Insulin Patch Uses 100 Tiny Needles to Measure Sugar... Read moreChevron

What Is Sensor-Assisted Pump Therapy?

I just learned a new term at the ADA meeting: "Sensor-Assisted Pump Therapy" (SAPT). The term has been around awhile, but seems to have somewhat different meanings to different authors. To me, it means use of blood glucose (BG) levels as displayed on a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device to help guide adjustments of insulin doses... Read moreChevron

CGM and Medicare: Take Action

I just got an e-mail from JDRF (a NFP that was formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), which again requested that I sign a petition and write my congresspeople about continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Last summer, I Read moreChevron

Diabetes and Eye Care

It's all too common to suppose that studies with negative results (that is, failure to meet the study's primary endpoint) will never see the light of day. But there's a recent publication that disproves that supposition. The publication was titled Assessing the Effect of Personalized Diabetes Risk Assessments During Ophthalmologic... Read moreChevron