Friday, February 27, 2015

Dr. Bill Quick's Posts

Glucose-Responsive Insulin Could Be The Future Of Insulin

This past week, a press release announced positive results from a mouse-research study of a new insulin—one that adapts to the ambient blood glucose level (BGL) to keep the BGL stable. The press release calls this new insulin... Read moreChevron

Does Diabetes Increase Risk For Viral Hepatitis?

I recently received the following e-mail:


"At my last appointment, my endocrinologist said she wanted me to get flu, pneumonia and hep C vaccinations... Is there any reason to believe that people with type 1 diabetes would need the hep C vaccine?"


This question raises the issue as to whether... Read moreChevron

Splitting Insulin Glargine Doses

I've been asked (again) about optimizing how to give the dose of Lantus (insulin glargine), so I decided I'll share my thoughts on-line. First, a disclaimer: (1) I previously worked for Aventis and later Sanofi-Aventis, the manufacturer of Read moreChevron

Diabetes Q&A: Diet, Insulin Types and Pumps, and Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

Dr. Bill Quick's series of diabetes related Q&A continues here with seven more questions.

1.) My doctor has given me the opportunity to use diet management before he prescribes medication to treat my diabetes — I have six weeks to lose 5-10 pounds. What is a good guideline to use for carbs when trying to manage... Read moreChevron

Diabetes and The Thyroid Gland

Most folks who have had diabetes have heard that screw-ups in the functioning of the thyroid gland may occur more often than in people who don't have diabetes. Here's an overview of what the thyroid's all about. More detailed information about thyroid function is available all over the Internet; detailed discussions may be found at the... Read moreChevron