Thursday, September 03, 2015

Dr. Bill Quick's Posts

Common Pain Reliever and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Are Not A Good Combo

Those of us who are using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) may have already learned first-hand about the effects reported in a recent brief publication, Read moreChevron

Can Chiropractic Therapy Heal Neuropathy?

Our local newspaper recently had a four-page full-color advertising insert titled "Encouraging News for Neuropathy Patients." As neuropathy is a common and frustrating complication of diabetes, I was intrigued, and read the entire insert. According to the insert, "Local Doctor's Drug-Free, Neuropathy Treatment Relieves Poor Balance and Numbness... Read moreChevron

What Are The Actual Effects Of Restricting Fats and Carbs?

A recent publication caused a brief flurry of excitement in the media when it was announced that a new study debunked a commonly-held belief that dietary carbohydrate restriction causes more body fat loss than does dietary fat restriction. The study, Read moreChevron

CGM Withdrawal Syndrome

It's sad that I have to admit this, but I had "CGM Withdrawal Syndrome" yesterday, last night, and this morning. As you may be aware, I've been using a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device for quite a few years (since... Read moreChevron

Could Diabetes Soon Be Featured On Reality TV?

Some people watch TV, and some of those folks watch what's been termed "reality TV." Frequently, these "reality" shows feature contestants who've been dumped onto a faraway fantasy island, or cooped up with each other in some mythic mansion.


But a recent Read moreChevron