Type 2 diabetes may be caused by intestinal dysfunction

Dr. Bill Quick Health Pro
  • Two people notified me today about a press release, Type 2 diabetes may be caused by intestinal dysfunction, that they felt I should read.

    Actually, I got as far as reading the title, and laughed -- sure, and the moon may be made of green cheese!

    The press release quoted an article in Diabetes Care, so that's where I headed next. Yes, there's an essay there, titled in a much less flamboyant fashion:
    Is Type 2 Diabetes an Operable Intestinal Disease? A provocative yet reasonable hypothesis.

    After reviewing the results of gastric surgery on people with diabetes, the author concludes: "All together, these data suggest a novel revolutionary concept about an old disease: type 2 diabetes may be an operable intestinal illness." (Interestingly, I also reviewed a recent study about gastric banding for diabetes.) Well, that's his opinion. But then he's a surgeon, and surgeons like to operate. After all, that's what they were trained to do.

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    But my main gripe isn't his admittedly provocative hypothesis. It's the breathless press release, which hypes the good doctor's work, and doesn't include the key word: provocative.

    Oh well. Another day, another piece of public relations flackery.

Published On: March 06, 2008